Re: KR> wheel alignment

2017-01-31 Thread Gary via KRnet
Thanks to all for the insight into wheel alignment specific to your KR handling. -- *Gary * /Soli Deo Gloria/ ___ Search the KRnet Archives at Please see LIST RULES and KRnet info at

Re: KR> Melting lead

2017-01-28 Thread Gary via KRnet
I found it easy with a tin can and propane torch. Sent from my iPad > On Jan 28, 2017, at 1:06 AM, Ken Hurley via KRnet > wrote: > > So when the wife takes cooking utensil and makes contact with skull you > are now officially called a "pot head"! > > On Jan 27, 2017

KR> wheel alignment

2017-01-26 Thread Gary via KRnet
Does anyone know of archive information or wish to share regarding wheel alignment for KR tail wheel configurations? Wheels straight, toe in or out? (In level attitude or all wheels down.) And what about camber? How is the handling for width of wheel base vs. length from mains to tail?