Re: KR> Melting lead

2017-01-28 Thread Ronald Wright via KRnet
I used an electric melting pot when I was doing a bunch of reloading.  If you want to keep the lead "clean", drop some parafin on top the hot lead and stir it and it make the junk float off.  WATCH OUT.  Sometimes it will FLASH OFF.   Face shield and gloves should be mandatory for protection.

Re: KR> 4-into-1 exhaust system help?

2017-01-28 Thread Ronald Wright via KRnet
Once you get your system built, take it and get it plated and it will last forever.  Nickel chrome or some other and it shouldn't be that expensive but might be worth checking into. Ron From: Mark Langford via KRnet To: KRnet Cc: Mark

Re: KR> Archives

2017-01-25 Thread Ronald Wright via KRnet
Why do you even need a DAR during the build?  3 visits, for what?  The FSDO in your city will come out for free if you can ahead and get on their schedule for a final inspection, which is all that is required (unless the rules have changed)??. RonSt. Louis, MO From: bjoenunley via KRnet

KR> Larry Flesner please contact me

2014-05-10 Thread Ronald Wright via KRnet
Larry, Please contact me off list at: ?ronwright5 at ?Need to discuss the KR2 donation from Tom Garner. Thanks, Ron