Re: KR> 4-into-1 exhaust system help?

2017-01-28 Thread Randy Smith via KRnet
When it was time for my exhaust on the KR I Talked to a local muffler shop and then loaded it up on a trailer and took it to them.  He said he would be glade to do it because it was something different. It only cost me $350 and everything fit. It was not stainless and I did have it wrapped and

Re: KR> In-flight Fire

2017-01-29 Thread Randy Smith via KRnet
Tripacer has fuel in wings.  That was an electrical fire. 95% of in flight fires are not survivable whether fuel is in the header or wing. I carry a small hellion fire extinguisher up front. I had a DME smoke a couple of weeks ago and my wife had the fire extinguisher out before I realized it.