[kubernetes-users] Current status of GPU support in Kubernetes

2016-11-30 Thread phvu225
Hi everyone, We are considering using Kubernetes to manage batch jobs on an on-prem GPU cluster. However, I had a hard time looking for updated information about GPU support in Kubernetes. Here it said only 1 GPU per machine is supported: https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/pull/24836

Re: [kubernetes-users] Current status of GPU support in Kubernetes

2016-12-19 Thread phvu225
Awesome! I checked out the branch, rebase with master, compiled it and deploy on a single-node Ubuntu 14.04 machine. However, when I run "kubectl describe nodes", it shows: Capacity: alpha.kubernetes.io/nvidia-gpu:0 Allocatable: alpha.kubernetes.io/nvidia-gpu:0 I am pretty