[lace] Paris lace

2003-06-19 Thread Lorelei Halley
Ruth I know of two authors who have written pattern instruction sets for Paris lace. L. Ceulemans N. Andries PARIJSE KANT Vol I, II, III 1985-1988 Irma Neyrinck-Van Herck PARIJSE KANT (KANT TE TURNHOUT) no date, multiple volumes. Personally, I think the first is better. But both are sets of

[lace] Idrija/Russian

2003-06-20 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi! Recently someone wrote in and asked what the differences were between Idrija and Russian tape laces. I've been thinking about that ever since, and decided to answer. What I'm about to say is based on books, so it is useful only so far as the books accurately reflect the tradition. For

[lace] instructions

2003-06-29 Thread Lorelei Halley
On the subject of designing and writing instructions for working the piece: I think there are two classes of designs -- those for beginners or near beginners, and those for advanced lacemakers. A design which contains only simple techniques will appeal to beginners, who need very full

[lace] bobbin holder

2003-06-30 Thread Lorelei Halley
Candace I've never actually seen instructions, but it is a strip of single crochet with treble chain 1 treble worked in each single crochet. At the end of the row do several stitches into the end single crochet, and then treble 1, chain 1 across the other side. The end result is a strip thick in

[lace] polychrome

2003-07-15 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sylvia What do you have in mind regarding polychrome lace? I often do bobbin lace in color, and many others do, also. Are you talking about bobbin lace, or needlelace? If bobbin lace, I can say that the easiest way to control color is in part lace (free lace). Irma's piece in the IOLI bulletin

[lace] Beds leaves

2003-07-21 Thread Lorelei Halley
Noelene I think that pushing the pins all the way down IS probably the best way to ensure you don't snag the weaver as you weave a tally. I have used the Hold-it-in-the-hand method, too, and like it. It is also useful NOT to work as far down as possible before starting the tally, but rather the

[lace] polishing bobbins

2003-07-23 Thread Lorelei Halley
Annette The bad news is that you need to use at least 2 grades of sandpaper to get rid of all the hairs and notches on your bobbins. Start with #100 garnet paper which will remove the notches and hairs. Then move on to #200 and #400. It is important to use a tack cloth or to carefully vacuum

[lace] Kliot book

2003-07-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
Jean I have that book, but it is not really a book to learn from. Kathe Kliot's approach is wildly modern and contemporary, and far more freeform than even Czech bobbin lace. Some pieces which are photographed, well, one can hardly imagine why the artist bothered to use bobbin lace technique at

[lace] Canadian supplier

2003-08-11 Thread Lorelei Halley
There is a Canadian supplier called Trillium, which sells general lacemaking supplies. I don't know if linen cloth is included in their stock. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] jumping around

2003-08-21 Thread Lorelei Halley
Julie I'm like you. I jump around from one form of bobbin lace to another. Mostly because everything I see fascinates me, and I can't help myself. I want to learn it all! When I first started, I stuck with torchon for about a year and a half. Then I took my first workshop ever, in Honiton with

[lace] frogs

2003-08-22 Thread Lorelei Halley
and Clay would be LF #4 - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] bobbin turning and pins

2003-08-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
Robin I think you are right. I've turned a few hundred bobbins, mostly for my own use or for gifts. And I have had problems with Honiton style bobbin necks breaking, and even some larger ones. The solution that works is not to insert a pin, but to stop turning when you reach the neck diameter

[lace] Miss Channer's mat

2003-08-27 Thread Lorelei Halley
If Ruth Bean is refusing to reprint the pattern, they should sell the copyright to someone who is willing. Since they aren't getting any money for it, they shouldn't ask too much for the copyright. Scanning and printing on a home computer is not a very big deal. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send

[lace] lawyers

2003-08-28 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon Your suggestion of a gaggle (delegation) of Indian lawyers descending on Ruth Bean absolutely tickles my funny bone. Maybe Ruth Bean will crumple with enough pestering (especially creative pestering). Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe

[lace] using patterns

2003-08-28 Thread Lorelei Halley
Clay Dressmakers who serve customers by making dresses for them use commercially available patterns produced by the standard pattern companies. I suppose you are talking about producing 1000 copies of a McCall pattern and selling it at KMart or TJ Max. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to

Re: [lace] Niven Flanders Pattern 11 Observation and Question

2003-08-29 Thread Lorelei Halley
Marcie I haven't got that far in Niven yet, but I looked at the book. What I would do is just omit one of the dots on the pricking, and just treat it as a printing press stutter. That seems the simplest solution. Treating it as a two point exchange would require a ring pair, which there isn't.

[lace] Mechlin

2003-09-02 Thread Lorelei Halley
, perfectly made, or complete projects. Just learning samples would be fine. If you have such laces and have a flatbed scanner you could create a clear photo. Please let me know. It may be a few weeks until I actually get the pictures up on the website. I'll post a message when I do. Lorelei Halley

[lace] dolphin

2003-09-03 Thread Lorelei Halley
There is a dolphin pattern in Tiny Zwaal-Lint NEW BOBBIN LACE PATTERNS, 1982. It is a sort of torchon pattern, with Brussels ground and gimp. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] publicity

2003-09-08 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon I think your complex thread puzzle is a very good way to describe lacemaking and its appeal. I think the problem is not with your description, but with the reporters' misconceptions. They probably can't imagine anyone wanting to spend 100 hours making anything, and they don't know anyone

[lace] Irma's needle lace

2003-09-11 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi everybody, I just wanted you all to know that Irma Osterman has allowed me to put a photo of her recent needle lace piece Let me Grow Lovely Growing Old on the CALG website (for those who didn't get the most recent IOLI bulletin). http://www.chicagoarealaceguild.comIt is worked in colored

[lace] numbers

2003-10-01 Thread Lorelei Halley
Ilske and Everybody I think it is interesting that Ilske tells us that the German lacemaking organization has 4500 members. Considering that the population of Germany is less than the U.S. and the IOLI has 1600-1700 members, that means that the percentage of lacemakers in the population in

[lace] ramie

2003-10-12 Thread Lorelei Halley
Susan I have some ramie, and there is no problem working with it as far as I can tell. The stuff I have is quite thick, a 16/2, and is approximately as thick as a 16/2 linen. It is hairier than linen. I can't recall ever seeing it in really fine sizes. It takes dye at least as well as linen,

[lace] CT and TC

2003-10-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
Rose-Marie You are right about adding extra twists in certain places when making spiders. The distinction between who does CT and who does TC seems to be mostly geographic. All British lacemakers (as far as I can tell) do half stitch CT. Most, but no all, western Europeans do it CT. Most, but

Re: [lace] Romanian Point Lace - URL

2003-10-28 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sulochona I greatly enjoyed seeing your lace on community.webshots.com. I really like the Cluny piece and the colored laces. That community webshots site is a great invention. Whichever lacemaker first discovered it deserves a medal. It's a good place for us to share our work. Lorelei - To

[lace] Barbara Uttman, me longwinded

2003-11-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Jane I think crediting Barbara Uttman as inventor of bobbin lace is definitely incorrect. What she may have done was to establish a lace school in her town, thereby making it a lace making center. I wouldn't use Mrs. Palliser as a respectable source. She was writing in the late 19th century.

[lace] eye candy

2003-11-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Kate and Carolina Thanks for the links to great pictures! Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [lace] Lacemaker painting

2003-11-07 Thread Lorelei Halley
Noelene Better yet, get the artist to make a painting of you at your pillow, all modern. Somewhere on the web there is a page of photos of paintings of lacemakers. I imagine a modern addition in a continuing story. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line:


2003-11-07 Thread Lorelei Halley
In regard to expecting the UCC to be used in all future books, I do, unfortunately, foresee a problem. Book publishers won't want to use it because using full color on most pages costs a fortune to print. That is why so many English books use black blue and red with their own idiosyncratic color

[lace] crochet

2003-11-07 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sharon As it turns out, my local guild is having a meeting tomorrow on Irish crochet. All I know now is that the grounding used in Irish crochet is a chain with picots. 3824 W. Irving Pk Rd Chicago 10 am - 2 pm everybody welcome Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] books

2003-11-28 Thread Lorelei Halley
I just want to announce that I'm now selling both of my torchon books on eBay (and eBay takes credit cards), as well as through my website. http://www.loreleihalley.com Just do an eBay search on torchon bobbin lace and both books should pop up. Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email

[lace] pattern

2003-11-28 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi. Did I forget to tell you all that I put one of the easy patterns from my new book up on my website as a free pattern. http://www.loreleihalley.com Go to the page free pattern 2. In a few days I'll be adding one other pattern. Lorelei Halley[EMAIL PROTECTED] - To unsubscribe send

[lace] free pattern

2003-11-30 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi! I have just uploaded a second free pattern from my new book onto my website. Have a look! Go to http://www.loreleihalley.com/bobbinlace.htm and from there go to free pattern 3. Happy Holidays Lorelei Halley [EMAIL PROTECTED] - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED

[lace] tapestry bobbins

2003-12-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
I bought some tapestry bobbins from Robin Russ Handweavers many years ago, and they work just fine for tape lace (with those pointy ends, sewings are easy). Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL

Re: [lace] Schmetterlinge / translations

2003-12-10 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sue There might be copyright issues involved in what you suggest. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] men lacemakers

2003-12-13 Thread Lorelei Halley
I think Roslyn should write to the editor of the paper, by-passing the reporter, and tell him/her that she/he has idiots writing stories who don't bother to find out if the things they write are even true. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe

[lace] Ilske's gift

2003-12-14 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hello arachneans, Ilske Thomsen of Hamburg has given us all another new Christmas gift this year. Her free pattern is available on my website on this page: http://www.loreleihalley.com/harz.htm Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL

[lace] machine lace

2004-01-01 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon Machine lace is one of those things where the value is purely in the eye of the beholder: supply vs. demand. There is no intrinsic value. It is just a matter of what somebody is willing to pay for it. I haven't a clue, myself. If only it were possible to get into eBay's sales records for

[lace] Chicago Area Lace Guild

2004-01-07 Thread Lorelei Halley
or pieces of these laces that you have made, books on these techniques that you have and maybe others may not have. Also, any antique Brussels lace that you may have (for historical development). Bring lunch. We will provide coffee. Lorelei Halley[EMAIL PROTECTED] - To unsubscribe send email

[lace] tape lace

2004-01-10 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sue If you can find Jennifer Fisher's BRAID LACE FOR TODAY (British English calls tape braid -- American English has a different practice), that is quite good. IOLI library probably has it. Another good one is DMC DIE KLOEPPELSPITZEN, a reprint of their tape lace book. It is in German, but the

[lace] teaching a class

2004-01-17 Thread Lorelei Halley
you a 12 hour stretch. I've had groups ask for 2-3 hours and 15 students, which is impossible. Lorelei Halley. - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] 1630s lace

2004-01-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sharon There is actually a book of patterns (with diagrams) showing lace from that time period. It is N. Andries CAROLUSKANTJES. It is lace from the collection at the church of St. Charles Borromeus in Antwerp. Some are complex with Flanders ground, Paris ground or random braided ground. But

[lace] Mirecourt

2004-01-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
in France. Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] Mirecourt

2004-01-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sof Thanks for this website info. Most of the lace depicted there appears to be Cluny or what I call continental guipure -- straight lace with a braid ground. But the page http://mirecourt.free.fr/ does show some free laces, but only parts. Mirecourt is a free lace, as I understand it. Lorelei

[lace] collecting

2004-01-29 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon Thank you for your very interesting report on lace collections and display from the museum's point of view. Our membership needs to be aware of this. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL

[lace] filet lacis

2004-01-29 Thread Lorelei Halley
Karen As far as I know there are several words used to describe the kind of lace you are talking about: a lace with a square mesh, knotted in the corners. The various names I've seen are: lacis, filet lacis, guipure d'art. I have the impression that the words filet refers to a square mesh (since

[lace] photography

2004-01-30 Thread Lorelei Halley
I think the computer/digital camera discussion is appropriate here because people are using these things to photograph lace. And there are a number of people who might find the information useful in the future (me for one). Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the

[lace] books

2004-01-30 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi I just wanted you to know that my bobbin lace books are available on eBay. Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] photography

2004-01-31 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon I use an optical camera but the problems with light angles are the same. You need to make yourself aware of where the light is coming from. I have found that side lighting my shots works best for lace. Then your head doesn't make a shadow. I use cheap reflector lamps that I buy at a

[lace] lacemaker pattern

2004-02-01 Thread Lorelei Halley
There is a pattern for a bobbin lacemaker in Annelie van Olffen-Spikerman's GUIPURE KLOSKANT. It is part of a larger composition. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] pearl gimps

2004-02-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Noelene I've done a similar thing in a similar situation. I was working an ecru lace in 60/2 linen and wanted pink gimp, but didn't have any pearl 3 in pink. So I used two. My basic attitude is: who cares what the lace police think? Torchon and tape lace both were used primarily for household

[lace] archival storage

2004-02-05 Thread Lorelei Halley
Robin Thank you for the info on storing stuff and what's archival and what's not. Very useful. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] sewing edging to cloth

2004-02-09 Thread Lorelei Halley
Noelene I like to use 4 sided stitch to attach lace to a cloth center. First you make one row of 4 sided stitch all the way around, catching the lace in the top row of the stitch. Then fold the cloth back on the underside and work another row under the first, catching both layers of cloth. Then

[lace] buffing lace

2004-02-13 Thread Lorelei Halley
Robin I have heard of buffing needlelace. It was the historic practice, by specialists. The tool used was called an aficot. My impression is that it was sculpted laces which received this treatment. The laces were probably made in linen, not cotton, during the time period when this was done.

[lace] definition

2004-02-15 Thread Lorelei Halley
Bev I like the definition in your 3rd paragraph. A more accurate, though broad definition: Bobbin lace is an off-loom weaving technique; each thread is attached to a bobbin. Pins are employed to maintain the structure of the fabric. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] Binche

2004-02-15 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon 1. Santina Levey points out that the towns of Valenciennes and Binche are very close together, almost contiguous. Her opinion is, therefore, that the towns were making the same kinds of laces at the same time. Antwerp was the source of Pottenkant, a straight lace with long symmetrical

[lace] me again

2004-02-15 Thread Lorelei Halley
Devon Please look at the page revival on my website, where I have pictures of these various laces. http://www.loreleihalley.com/revival.htm Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [lace] Torchon lace - history

2004-03-09 Thread Lorelei Halley
Michelle There is actually a small amount of authentic historical information on torchon. The book LePompe 1559 is a pattern book published in 1559 which consists of woodcuts of patterns for bobbin lace. It is the oldest pattern book in existence. Most of the designs are for braided lace (lace

[lace] workshops/classes

2004-03-16 Thread Lorelei Halley
Linda I can talk about workshops and classes both from the perspective of taking them, as well as teaching them. I think of a workshop as a short term intense concentration on some specific type of bobbin lace. Homework and preparation are both matters for teachers as well as students. Students

[lace] pins

2004-03-16 Thread Lorelei Halley
Lynn In certain types of bobbin lace one does push the pins all the way down. This is done specifically in free/part laces such as Honiton, Duchesse and tape laces. The reason is that you constantly change directions as you work and sometimes work over parts already finished. You have to get the

[lace] lacis

2004-03-31 Thread Lorelei Halley
Vasna Lacis, filet, filet lacis are all names for the same thing. It is a form of embroidered needle made lace which starts out with a handmade knotted net as the base, with needle made darning stitches and others to create dense areas for the design. There is a form of crochet, called filet

[lace] Hardanger

2004-03-31 Thread Lorelei Halley
Maxine The American national lace guild, IOLI, regards Hardanger as a form of lace. Personally I love it. And I would especially love to see pictures of your tablecloth, close ups and the whole thing. Congratulations! Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing

[lace] filet

2004-04-01 Thread Lorelei Halley
Karen Thanks for all the info on your source for lacis net and recommended books. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] ebay collar

2004-04-01 Thread Lorelei Halley
Lorri The collar you told us about is handmade. It is a form of Duchesse bobbin lace from the last half of the 19th century, or possibly early 20th. It is not the finest or most complex form. But I have seen several other pieces with similar motifs, design and construction. It doesn't even

[lace] Tonder/Bucks

2004-04-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Rosemarie There is a book published by OIDFA called POINT GROUND LACE in 2001 which answers your question (and also the differences in many other national versions of point ground lace). I got my copy from Holly Van Sciver about 2 years ago. The authors of the book recognize 3 versions of

[lace] floss

2004-04-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Aurelia I've used all 6 strands of DMC floss to make some samples, intrigued as you are by the huge array of colors. I found that 6 strands worked well at 5/inch. The reason against using it that I can see is that with multiple strands easily separated there is too much opportunity for hard

[lace] floss

2004-04-06 Thread Lorelei Halley
Brenda I'm not sure that DMC does use their machine embroidery thread to make their floss. Floss is very soft and the strands are a little hairy. Retors is tightly twisted and less flexible. Retors (their machine embroidery thread) has to be strong enough to withstand the mechanical motion of

[lace] printing

2004-04-06 Thread Lorelei Halley
Lynn Does the website allow you to save the image file to your computer? If so, once saved, open it in any graphics program you have which allows you to specify the size of the printed image. Usually the kinds of programs for editing photographic images will allow you to do this, or any software

[lace] needle laces

2004-04-11 Thread Lorelei Halley
Roslyn I recently had an opportunity to look at the book by Catherine Barley NEEDLELACE: DESIGNS TECHNIQUES, CLASSIC CONTEMPORARY, 1993. I think it is the best I've seen for a beginner, with believable and realistic projects which have curvilinear designs, but still aren't too difficult. I've

[lace] beads

2004-04-18 Thread Lorelei Halley
Weronika I've used amethyst nuggets in a lace I made. I wanted the beads to lie in the position where double thread picots would be on the outside edge of a tape. So I calculated which pairs might take turns as weavers, since those are the ones that would make picots. And I just strung beads

[lace] thread/bobbins

2004-04-20 Thread Lorelei Halley
Weronika I often use Bockens 35/2 linen and similar, so I have a lot of experience with this. My personal feeling is that standard Belgian bobbins of the style usually called torchon are perfect for that weight. So are Swedish bobbins and even modern Danish bobbins (which are a little more

[lace] Bruges

2004-04-21 Thread Lorelei Halley
Mary 1. thread. If your pattern calls for 40/2 linen, then pearl cotton #8 is too thick, a pearl #12 would be closer. But because pearl is so slippery, a thicker thread may fit tightly into the space. You could try throwing out one of the central passive pairs. Ideally a tape should have 6 or

[lace] pillows

2004-04-24 Thread Lorelei Halley
Janet If you will have only one pillow, I suggest a round cookie shaped one, since it can be used for any kind of bobbin lace. I like a size in the range of 18 to 21 inches in diameter. An Ethafoam pillow would be nearly the cheapest, and lasts quite long. (Styrofoam is cheaper and easier to

[lace] point ground

2004-05-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Sue W Please look at one of the pages in my website for photos of various kinds of point ground lace. http://www.loreleihalley.com/identification.htm Point ground is one of the styles of bobbin lace which was made in many countries of Europe during the 19th century. Each nation's variant

Re: [lace] top/edge sewing

2004-04-29 Thread Lorelei Halley
use of top and bottom sewings (first pass the top weaver, 2nd pass the lower) is to gain on a pin when you need 2 sewings into the same area. You can find diagrams on page 54 of Cooks PRACTICAL SKILLS. 4a 4b is an edge sewing, 5a and 5c are top and bottom sewings. Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe

[lace] Rosemary Shepherd

2004-05-19 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi all, As a consequence of the recent controversy, I looked at the photo of her petals and went backwards to the basic website in which the photo appears. I discovered her comments on bobbin lace, its future, and the impact of machine lace. I was astonished to discover that on the subject of

[lace] grids

2004-05-20 Thread Lorelei Halley
Weronika I have seen torchon on a grid other than the standard diamond. In DMC's La Dentelle aux Fuseaux (all torchon) there is a pattern with a flattened grid. But yes, torchon is always designed on a grid. That is done to keep all the threads in the proper relation to each other. All

[lace] LePompe

2004-05-27 Thread Lorelei Halley
Mary LePompe's original pages were made by woodcuts and are therefore approximations. But they were very good woodcuts, and the braid lace and tape lace designs are easy to interpret directly if you understand the working methods of those two forms of bobbin lace. A relative beginner at bobbin

[lace] ink spots

2004-05-27 Thread Lorelei Halley
Weronika If you want to prevent ink spots on your lace, draw in the markings with permanent ink and let the pricking dry thoroughly before starting work. Another solution is to put clear contact paper on the pricking before you start work. The plastic film will prevent the threads from picking up

[lace] tape lace

2004-06-26 Thread Lorelei Halley
Carolina and Devon Unfortunately I know nothing at all about the history of Spanish tape lace, and very little about the origins of Czech and Russian tape lace. I do know that Italy has been producing constant width tape laces since the 19th century. And I think these are probably the recent

[lace] survey

2004-06-30 Thread Lorelei Halley
I'm working on a few things: The first hankie edging from Verbeke-Billiet's volume I on Binche. I just finished a similar one from Annick Staes' little pamphlet on Binche. It's just Binche large snowflakes embedded in cloth stitch. It has looked so scary for the nearly 15 years that I've had

[lace] biggest mistakes

2004-07-01 Thread Lorelei Halley
Jenny The project I'm working on now might be called a mistake. I set it up on my smallest roller pillow and then discovered that it had substantial sections where the weaver had to go all the way across the entire lace -- 29 pairs -- as is common in Binche. It drove me nuts, no room to spread

[lace] bedspread

2004-07-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Beth Wouldn't half a bedspread just about equal a lace stole? A nice blue summer eveningj-going-out type dress would look nice with a lace stole. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] England

2004-08-08 Thread Lorelei Halley
Annette If you live in England and will be learning bobbin lace there, it might be best to follow English practice, since that is what teachers and other lacemakers there will be doing. English lacemakers work palms down, usually on a Honiton pillow or a cookie shaped pillow. As far as I can

[lace] CT TC

2004-08-09 Thread Lorelei Halley
Jean I was very interested to read your response about TC being taught in England. I wonder if this is a rare occurrence or if it is becoming more commonplace. It appears that change and cross fertilization goes in all directions. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] needlelace

2004-08-16 Thread Lorelei Halley
of ... and then name individual respondents. http://www.chicagoarealaceguild.com/needlelace.htm and http://www.loreleihalley.com/needlelace.htm Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL

[lace] washing

2004-08-17 Thread Lorelei Halley
Linda I always preshrink any fabric before I cut out a dress, and I even preshrink my bobbin lace and the cloth center I attach it to, before I put the two together. I would assume the necessity of washing the materials that go into Carrickmacross before starting work, if you intend to wash the

[lace] diagrams

2004-08-18 Thread Lorelei Halley
Robin and Tamara and all I think we've had similar discussions on the usefulness of diagrams before. I think in this matter I'm closer to Robin's view than Tamara's. It may be a function of the kinds of lace we are trying to make. In learning a traditional form of lace which has a recognized set

[lace] copyright

2004-08-27 Thread Lorelei Halley
Weronika If you have concerns about copyright and are thinking about putting adaptations up on a website, you really SHOULD go to the U.S. Copyright office website and review it very carefully. They will give you a fair amount of guidance. http://www.copyright.gov/ I'm not a lawyer but I can

[lace] large bobbins

2004-08-27 Thread Lorelei Halley
Weronika I have some large Danish bobbins, about 5 inches long. They are intended for use with thicker than usual threads. They might not break fine thread, but they are clunky and one would normally not want to use them unless necessary. They seem to work with pearl cotton size 8 or thicker,

[lace] stumpwork

2004-09-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
Jean As I understand it, stumpwork was the art of making little 3 dimensional figures out of lace stitches to attach to embroidered fabric. Your experience with the C G group doesn't really surprise me. It embodies my major objection to formal certification bodies. They tend to think they have

[lace] mixed

2004-09-04 Thread Lorelei Halley
I was going to suggest mongrel lace or alleycat lace, but Robin's suggestion is much better. Lorelei - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] needlelace

2004-09-07 Thread Lorelei Halley
Lynn Please look at two web pages I have created which show examples of needlelace, and show how it is made: http://www.chicagoarealaceguild.com/needlelace.htm http://www.loreleihalley.com/needlelace.htm The first one shows the set up and explains the working in general terms. The second has

[lace] tape looms

2004-09-22 Thread Lorelei Halley
In regard to tape laces of c. 1640, none of those tapes would have been machine made. Even straight tapes and shoe laces would have been hand loomed or made with bobbins. What kind of loom, I don't know. Machine woven cloth (or tapes) did not exist until the late 1700s. I've seen the kind of

[lace] Battenbery type lace

2004-09-22 Thread Lorelei Halley
Santina Levey shows 4 samples of tape lace (three with needle stitches between the tapes to hold it together) all dating from the period 1625-1650. See her plate #131. This is just about the time you begin to see bobbin made tape laces, such as early Milanese. Levey seems to think that tape

[lace] wannabee lace maker

2004-11-22 Thread Lorelei Halley
and happy hunting, Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] Flash and lace

2004-11-28 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi I strongly recommend against using flash in photographing lace. Even if you don't get a whiteout, the flash obliterates all the shadows between the threads and therefore destroys any structure. Lacemakers want to see all the threads and how the object was made. The best way is to set up 2

[lace] my books

2004-12-03 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi I am currently offering my two torchon books on eBay. My PayPal account accepts PayPal or credit cards. Lorelei Halley - To unsubscribe send email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] containing the line: unsubscribe lace [EMAIL PROTECTED] For help, write to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[lace] ufo

2004-12-06 Thread Lorelei Halley
Hi! I just finished a UFO!!! I put it on the home page of my website, with close-ups on the identification page. http://www.loreleihalley.com It is the Perryman-Voysey raised Honiton leaf sampler, in white. I started it in 1990 and got most of it done in the first 6 months. Then it sat on a

Re: [lace] RE: Lorelei's honiton

2004-12-08 Thread Lorelei Halley
Helen It is interesting to me how many people are now putting color into their lace. Your idea of just using colored gimp is one I never thought of. I'll have to try it. I still remember a piece in the Art Institute of Chicago's collection, just a fragment really. It had multi colored flowers

[lace] questions

2004-12-08 Thread Lorelei Halley
Mary 1. I've not heard of a device such as you describe. If your pattern does not give you a thread size the only way is to experiment. If you have some fragments of thread from an old project use the ends to work just a small portion of your new design to see how it looks. Don't worry about

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