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2012-09-16 Thread marcoagpinto
Revision: 8055 http://languagetool.svn.sourceforge.net/languagetool/?rev=8055view=rev Author: marcoagpinto Date: 2012-09-16 11:42:19 + (Sun, 16 Sep 2012) Log Message: --- New rules: 1) data limite = data-limite 2) gosto de que = gosto que Modified Paths:

[LanguageTool] renaming cvs mailing list

2012-09-16 Thread Daniel Naber
For historical reasons, our mailing list with commit messages is named languagetool-cvs. However, we haven't been using CVS for quite some time, so I will be renaming the list today to avoid confusion. The new name is languagetool-commits. Technically, it will be a new list, but I will move

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2012-09-16 Thread dnaber
Revision: 8058 http://languagetool.svn.sourceforge.net/languagetool/?rev=8058view=rev Author: dnaber Date: 2012-09-16 12:47:42 + (Sun, 16 Sep 2012) Log Message: --- use the new commit mailing list address Modified Paths: --