US proposal to abolish leap seconds - Not Found

2005-11-08 Thread Neal McBurnett
Thanks to Steve Allen for his excellent efforts to enable public discussion of the proposals to abolish leap seconds, difficult though that task has been, given the official secrecy that has surrounded it. See e.g. this quote from a Wall Street Journal article in July Why the US wants to end link

Re: US proposal to abolish leap seconds - Not Found

2005-11-08 Thread Steve Allen
On Tue 2005-11-08T10:52:21 -0700, Neal McBurnett hath writ: If anyone knows of a new place to find the latest proposal, please post it. And does anyone know where to find an archive of the comments made in response to the proposal? In the meantime, I highly recommend Steve's excellent web

leapsecs list still not getting to everyone

2005-11-08 Thread Neal McBurnett
I can post to the leapsecs list, but like some other people, I haven't gotten any mail from it for over a month. FYI, here is an update from the admin at USNO: - Forwarded message from David Johns [EMAIL PROTECTED] - Sorry about the problems with the mailing list. It's very old

The Truth is Out There

2005-11-08 Thread Steve Allen
In 2004 the USWP7A submitted a draft proposed revised version of ITU-R TF.460, the document which defines UTC. The document was submitted to the ITAC-R and reviewed according to Department of State guidelines. The archival version is still available from the FCC website:

Re: The Truth is Out There

2005-11-08 Thread M. Warner Losh
In message: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Steve Allen [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: : After all, it's not like the world is going to come to an end. If the end of the world is what it takes to abolish leap seconds, I'm all for it :-) Warner