Re: BBC - Leap second talks are postponed

2005-11-17 Thread Clive D.W. Feather
John.Cowan said: GMT is, unfotunately, widely used to mean the time in Britain during winter. Indeed, it is sometimes used to mean that even in the summer. There was some confusion in my company last year about a teleconference scheduled in GMT which turned out to actually refer to British

Google news alerts condemn the ITU

2005-11-17 Thread Steve Allen
Dr. Matsakis has revealed something much more deep about the ITU and leap seconds than he realized. On Fri 2005-11-11T02:55:22 -0500, [EMAIL PROTECTED] hath writ: There is a nifty google feature that will scour the internet for news articles on any subject, and send you weeky, daily, or