Re: NTP behavior in Australia

2006-01-02 Thread David Malone
I grabbed a set if IP#'s from and monitored them in the 24 hours before and 8 hours after the leap. I did something similar using the public NTP server lists on the ntp wiki. I'm still collecting the data, but I have some plots of what's happening with the leap bits at:

Re: The real problem with leap seconds

2006-01-11 Thread David Malone
[A lot of discussion on this list seem to revolve around people understanding terms in different ways. In an impractical example of that spirit...] I do not understand. As a function of TAI, UTC is neither continuous nor monotone increasing in the mathematical sense. To say if TAI is a

Re: The real problem with leap seconds

2006-01-12 Thread David Malone
Yes: there is an order on the set of values of timescales - it is a basic property of spacetime models that one can distinguish past and present, at least locally. Spacetime is a differentiable 4-dimensional manifold, its coordinate functions are usually two times

Re: Risks of change to UTC

2006-01-23 Thread David Malone
Professional and amateur astronomers are not the only ones who need good estimates of UT1. I've been wondering about this for a bit. Do astronomers and navigators actually want UT1 or do they want GMST? Since UT1 is based on a mean sun, which I guess no one actually observs, it would seem that

Re: building consensus

2006-06-08 Thread David Malone
I belive this was because the year followed the taxation cycle of the government whereas the day+month followed the religiously inherited tradtion. Indeed. For that matter, the start of the U.K. tax year was left alone when the calendar changed, and is now 6 April (it should be 7 April,

Re: building consensus

2006-06-08 Thread David Malone
Quintilis was renamed after Julius Caesar. Later Sextilis was renamed after Augustus Caesar. It is often said that the month lengths were changed at the same time, but at least one version of that story is fabricated and there's a distinct lack of evidence for it. Other emperors had months

Re: Introduction of long term scheduling

2007-01-07 Thread David Malone
So you think it is appropriate to demand that ever computer with a clock should suffer biannual software upgrades if it is not connected to a network where it can get NTP or similar service ? I know people who will disagree with you: Air traffic control Train control