LL:INFO: Essential Theatre and Seeking Djira

2003-07-30 Thread Amanda Sandwith
To whom this may concern We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Our names are Amanda Sandwith and Sophie Lampel and we run Essential Theatre. Essential Theatre was founded in 1996 and our main aim is to produce theatre that will entertain, provoke and inspire audiences

LL:URL: New Internationalist eNews - Sounds of Dissent launch

2003-07-30 Thread ninews
Please visit http://www.newint.org/newsletter/2003_07_25.htm to view the web version of this newsletter. -- -- Leftlink - Australia's Broad Left Mailing List mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Archived at http://www.cat.org.au/lists/leftlink/ Sponsored by

LL:DDV: Medicare Rally

2003-07-30 Thread Gary Harper
Basic Health Care is a right not a luxury Defend Extend Medicare RALLY State Library Friday 5th Sept. 5.30 pm Email: mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Defend and Extend Medicare Web Page: http://www.defendmedicare.cjb.net/ -- -- Leftlink - Australia's Broad Left Mailing List

LL:PR: RACNSW: Last minute court action prevents deportation

2003-07-30 Thread Alex Broun
RACNSW MEDIA RELEASE Sunday, July 27, 2003 LAST MINUTE COURT ACTION PREVENTS FORCIBLE DEPORTATION Refugee advocates have accused the Immigration department of ignoring its own procedures and the legal rights of detainees as the department resorts to the forcible deportation of asylum seekers.

LL:DDV: Melbourne meeting on Sri Lanka

2003-07-30 Thread AAWL
AAWL public meeting Tuesday 5 August at 6 pm Evatt Room, Trades Hall 54 Victoria Street, Carlton South Supporting workers in Sri Lanka A discussion with Ray Berbling Jim O'Connor Ray Berbling (representing Australian Friends of the People of Indian Pacific Ocean) and Jim O'Connor

LL:URL: Please make a submission on radioactive waste

2003-07-30 Thread Friends of the Earth Melbourne
[apologies for cross-postings] dear friends, SUBMISSIONS INTO THE NSW PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY INTO THE TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE OF NUCLEAR WASTE CLOSE IN 3 DAYS TIME!! If you haven't already done so, Friends of the Earth urges you to go to http://www.reactnow.org and either use the guide to

LL:DDV: Coming soon at Trades Hall

2003-07-30 Thread Trades Hall Arts
GET IT LIVE - GET IT AT TRADES HALL ARTS, bringing class back into the class struggle . . . --- A HOT AUGUST ARVO with CHRIS FALK and BAND --- Chris Falk has put together a new ensemble of some of the finest

LL:ART: All the News That Fits

2003-07-30 Thread Hutchings, James
This weeks stories: Government Soft On Immigration Slavery...Trying To Kill Yourself Is A Sane Response To Refugee Detention...No Cash Discount...Government Doesn't Know Why People Won't Take Public Transport...Quotes of the Week. Four people have been charged with slavery in Melbourne. They