LL:ART: Poncke Princen, Human Rights activist (and anarchist)

2002-02-28 Thread Takver
'Poncke' Princen (21-5-1925 - 21-2-2002) An obituary for this person appeared in the Melbourne Age newspaper (see below). It mentions that he was influenced by anarchist ideals in his youth. Poncke Princen deserted the Dutch military and joined the Indonesion independence movement in 1948. He

LL:DDV: International Women's Day 2002

2002-02-28 Thread Kate Kearns
International Women's Day 2002 The partner groups of the annual International Women's Day Lecture Series invite you celebrate IWD 2002 at the Melbourne Town Hall on Thursday 7th March from 6.15pm. Once again we have an inspiring line up of speakers including: Ella Hooper (singer/songwriter