LL:ART: Terrorism bill 'worst legislation ever seen'

2002-04-09 Thread Trudy Bray
The Sydney Morning Herald Terrorism bill 'worst legislation ever seen' By Lee Glendinning April 9 2002 Prominent legal professionals condemned the federal Government's proposed emergency terrorism legislation yesterday, demanding it be withdrawn from parliament and re-drafted. During an inquiry

LL:DDV: students demand voice

2002-04-09 Thread louise doolan
on thursday 11 april @ 10am there will be an action @ treasury gardens (outside the dept Education)to protest the silencing of tafe students voices in victoria. tafe managements are destroying student unions while the labor government stands by watching! this is not good enough! join students

LL:DDV: What's happening in around the Trust

2002-04-09 Thread Kate Kearns
Tehmeena Faryal, RAWA - Lecture Monday 15th April The Women's Rights Action Network of Australia and the Victorian Women's Trust invite you to hear Tehmeena Faryal of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan next Monday at the Equal Opportunity Commission, Melbourne.