LL:DDN: Socialism from below

2002-10-28 Thread leon parissi
Socialism From Below A discussion series sponsored by Workers’ Liberty, Sydney. We will be examining the Hal Draper’s pamphlet “The Two Souls of Socialism” and extracts from his 4 Volume work “Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution” What the Marxists Internet Archive has to say about Hal Draper:

LL:DDV: Asylum Seekers and Australian Activism Conference

2002-10-28 Thread Gillian Davy
ASYLUM SEEKERS AND AUSTRALIAN ACTIVISM: THE RISE OF A NEW SOCIAL MOVEMENT Saturday 30 November - Trades Hall, Melbourne This unique conference will explore the growth and development of the refugee rights movement from a social action perspective. Through presentations from a range of activist

LL:INDEX: Workers' Liberty No 27 Nov. 2002

2002-10-28 Thread leon parissi
Inside: Bali bombing: reports and analysis: · Repression unleashed? · Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific · FNPBI Indonesian unionists call for action on Bali bombing Socialist Alliance: reports and analysis: · Left unity means uniting with the working class ·

Resist police state ASIO laws

2002-10-28 Thread CPA
The following article was published in The Guardian, newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia in its issue of Wednesday, October 30th, 2002. Contact address: 65 Campbell Street, Surry Hills. Sydney. 2010 Australia. Phone: (612) 9212 6855 Fax: (612) 9281 5795. CPA Central Committee: [EMAIL