LL:ART: Wearing a T-shirt Makes You a Terrorist

2001-03-01 Thread gavin
believe it or not... Wearing a T-shirt Makes You a Terrorist by George Monbiot Published on Thursday, February 22, 2001 in the Guardian of London Britain, Tony Blair announced at Labour's spring conference on Sunday, is on the brink of "the biggest progressive political advance for a

LL:ART: remembering my enemies enemy is not always my friend

2001-03-21 Thread gavin
a bit of salient history: 18 March 1921 - 18 March 2001: The Kronstadt Uprising 80 years ago, the workers' movement and rebellion at Kronstadt, near Petrograd in Russia, was bloodily suppressed by the state-capitalist regime of Lenin and Trotsky. The article below, produced for the old

LL:URL: Petition to protect the Tasmanian Eucalyptus Regnans

2001-05-07 Thread gavin
-Original Message- From: Richard Sanders [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] The tallest flowering plants in the world are in Tasmania (Australia). The trees in the Styx valley are the second tallest trees on the planet - just behind the giant redwoods in California. These trees average 500

LL:PR: Federal Police Need to apologize

2001-05-11 Thread gavin
-Original Message- From: mm than [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]] Sent: Friday, 11 May 2001 9:37 To: gavin Subject: Federal Police Needs to apologize MEDIA RELEASE May 10, 2001 Attention: Chief of Staff Foreign Affairs Reporter Federal Police attack Burmese protest in Canberra, linked

LL:DDQ: Reith seminar 17 November

1999-11-06 Thread gavin gee-clough
for those in qld: Peter Reith is giving a seminar on "new directions : industrial actions and the second wave; reith on strikes, pickets and union liabilities" the seminar is on wed the 17th of november at customs house in queen st brisbane. it starts at 3pm. it costs $175 to attend. perhaps