LL:DDV: Palm Sunday Justice for Refugees Rally

2002-03-03 Thread giada caluzzi
. Giada Caluzzi(event organiser) 9659 3581 0408 538 916 [EMAIL PROTECTED] Politics of the event: == End Mandatory Detention: Asylum Seekers who arrive in Australia without valid visas face mandatory detention. Mandatory detention means that men, women and children are all locked up

LL:DDV: Picket Ruddock, Friday May 31 - Refugee Action Collective

2002-05-17 Thread giada caluzzi
*PICKET RUDDOCK* Free the Refugees! Philip Ruddock (Minister of Immigration and Indigenous Affairs), Andrew Bolt (Herald Sun 'journalist'), and Bob Birrell (academic apologist for Ruddocks' attacks on refugee rights), will be speaking at a Dialogue on Immigration sponsored by the Institute of

LL:DDV: Maribyrnong 2002 meeting Wed May 29 7.30pm

2002-05-22 Thread giada caluzzi
. It should be an exciting occasion, and inclusive of the various strands of the pro-refugee movement. There will be room for all to make their own contributions to a memorable event at Melbourne's own suburban detention centre. Giada Caluzzi (Refugee Action Collective) on behalf of the Maribyrnong

LL:DDV: Refugee Action Collective Woomera 2002 benefit

2002-06-06 Thread giada caluzzi
Woomera 2002 resulted in sixty-one arrests: thirty-one refugees, and thirty protesters. The thirty protestors are now facing criminal charges under state and federal laws as a consequence of their actions to support refugees. The protestors face jail sentences of ten years. WOOMERA SOLIDARITY

LL:DDV: Maribyrnong 2002 Refugee Rights Festival performer invite

2002-06-06 Thread giada caluzzi
more about the Maribyrnong Festival and how you can get involved, see our website at www.maribyrnong2002.org and call us at the Refugee Action Collective office on 9659 3505. Hope to hear from you all, Cheers, Giada Caluzzi [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- Leftlink - Australia's Broad Left Mailing

LL:DDV: Maribyrnong 2002 Protest and Festival

2002-06-26 Thread giada caluzzi
*Maribyrnong 2002 Protest and Festival* Friday 28th at 2pm and Saturday 29th 11am of June Maribyrnong Detention Centre, 53 Hampstead Rd., Maribyrnong Melways Ref. 27 H9 The campaign to free the refugees continues to build and grow, with 30,000 people rallying across Australia for refugee rights