[libdbi-users] libdbi+mysql speed issues

2011-07-09 Thread markus . hoenicka
Adam Jacob Muller writes: Hi, I'm developing an application that utilizes rrdtool (and the lidbdi interface into rrdtool) heavily and having some performance issues that seem to center around libdbi, Hi Adam, I can't see any obvious issues with your C code, so I assume the speed

Re: [libdbi-users] libdbi+mysql speed issues

2011-07-09 Thread Adam Jacob Muller
Hi Markus, I definitely can, anecdotal evidence suggests to me that this issue does not occur on postgres (I use rrdtool+postgres similarly and havne't seen the issue), but I'll make some actual tests and report back. -Adam On Jul 9, 2011, at 8:39 AM, markus.hoeni...@mhoenicka.de wrote: