Re: Calc cell type

2018-07-26 Thread Eike Rathke
Hi Vikas, On Wednesday, 2018-07-25 10:15:26 +0530, Vikas Mahato wrote: > I am trying to write some datatransformations related to date-time for calc. > > Is there any way to determine whether a column stores date or time value? I > was only able to find CELLTYPE_STRING, CELLTYPE_NONE,

RE: Calc cell type

2018-07-24 Thread Kaganski Mike
Hi Vikas, Dates and times are internally just numbers ("serial date/time"), which are formatted for display as dates or times. For pivot tables, there's IsDateDimension methods (in ScDPCache and others), which help in the pivot table specific case. Possibly it's better to refer to specific