2007-05-03 Thread Reuben Thomas
I'm a bit unclear on what I can expect about the filenames passed to the 
callback. I'm using libtool 1.5.22 and whatever libltdtl that comes with, 
and have found that it seems to pass basenames, suitable for use with 
lt_dlopenext, but the documentation is unclear on whether I can rely on this 
behaviour; it seems quite sensible, since each module in a directory 
typically comes in static and dynamic flavours and a bunch of links, and I 
wouldn't want to get passed every single filename.

Either way, the documentation could use some clarification on this point, 
unless I've misread it.

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2001-12-14 Thread Lutz Müller


Is there a way to force lt_dlforeachfile to actually do something? I've
got the problem with gtkam/gphoto2 that, each time a user opens a camera
selection dialog, the system gets scanned for installed camera drivers.
The first time, everything works ok. The second time, no driver will be
listed because lt_dlforeachfile won't do anything and just return the
last return value... That's bad and prevents us from using ltdl.h.

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Re: lt_dlforeachfile

2001-11-19 Thread Gary V. Vaughan

On Mon, Nov 19, 2001 at 11:15:37AM +0100, Lutz Müller wrote:
 Hi Gary,
 where should I ask for an lt_dlforeachfile function that actually scans
 a directory when called a second time?

The libtool list [EMAIL PROTECTED] is the best place.  However, I guess
I am not understanding your question properly.  What is wrong with the

lt_dlforeachfile (NULL, iodriver_func, NULL);
lt_dlforeachfile (NULL, cameradriver_func, NULL);

 In gphoto2 (, we need to scan the system for
 io-drivers (first time) and camera drivers (second time). There is no
 way to do that in one step, as the scans reside in different libraries
 (gphoto2-port is independent from gphoto2). 
 Right now, we use dlopen directly, but I'd like to move to ltdl.h.

If you are finding that lt_dlopen provides different semantics to dlopen,
that is certainly a bug!

 Thank you!

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