RE: mdemo ltdl failure

2007-03-16 Thread Dave Korn
On 16 March 2007 15:35, Charles Wilson wrote: Well, it's failing all the time for me, but I'm not sure it's a segfault. What does Hangup mean, when reported by the shell after executing the app: Good question, I don't know. It means SIGHUP. I've (almost) tracked down the error: it is

Re: mdemo ltdl failure

2007-03-16 Thread Charles Wilson
Well, once I got the cygwin1.dbg stuff worked out, it was pretty easy to track down: it is a bug in newlib's argz_insert: Charles Wilson wrote: Here's the code from newlib's argz_insert: error_t _DEFUN (argz_insert, (argz, argz_len, before, entry), char **argz _AND size_t