Re: Add dynamic export support for tcc

2014-10-29 Thread Gary V. Vaughan
Hi Reuben, On Jul 31, 2014, at 4:55 PM, Reuben Thomas wrote: The attached patch adds support for tcc's -rdynamic, the equivalent of GNU ld's -Wl,--export-dynamic. Sorry for the long delay. I found this uncontroversial patch (and your other one) in my libtool archives, and

Add dynamic export support for tcc

2014-07-31 Thread Reuben Thomas
export support for tcc --- m4/libtool.m4 | 3 +++ 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+) diff --git a/m4/libtool.m4 b/m4/libtool.m4 index 91b460e..6c6b2f2 100644 --- a/m4/libtool.m4 +++ b/m4/libtool.m4 @@ -5015,6 +5015,9 @@ _LT_EOF fi case $cc_basename in +tcc*) + _LT_TAGVAR