Re: New libtool is in the GCC and Src trees.

2007-05-29 Thread libtool
. As such it works just fine as is. Well, it /did/ -- until the new-libtool merge. Now there seem to be build problems. So /something/ needs fixin'. g Also, libgcj has some local libltdl patches as well. Then they should be submitted upstream -- if they are still necessary. There have been a lot

Re: [cygwin] cwrapper emits wrapper script

2007-06-06 Thread libtool
On Wed, 06 Jun 2007 09:43:50 -0500, Peter O'Gorman said: I'm lazy and would like to avoid work as much as possible, Gary has already asked if you'd like a commit bit, I'm hoping you'll agree, then all we'll need to do is say ok and you can commit your changes yourself. As long as somebody

Re: [Patch] cwrapper invokes target directly

2008-04-30 Thread libtool
entirely for $host=cygwin|mingw' was a libtool-2.4 project. However, the current libtool-2.2 behavior was an unreported (!) regression over 1.5.x, and the conversation last week seemed to imply that it was important enough to try to fasttrack before 2.4...but that doesn't mean it will or can get

Re: [PATCH] [cygwin|mingw] fix dlpreopen with --disable-static

2008-11-13 Thread libtool
files for information. Or is this purely for import libraries not created with libtool (and people who throw away *.la files)? The information (e.g. library to dlpreopen) is passed in $dlprefiles. But, if that filename is .la: func_mode_link(): ... dlfiles|dlprefiles) if test

Re: [PATCH] [cygwin|mingw] Create UAC manifest files.

2009-06-30 Thread libtool
can instead create a second file with the following content: 1 24 MOVEABLE PURE progname.manifest and then $ windres progname.rc progname.rc.o $ ld -o new-progname.exe progname.exe progname.rc.o $ mv new-progname.exe progname.exe But that's overkill for the libtool cwrappers, and probably also

Re: [PATCH] [cygwin|mingw] Create UAC manifest files.

2009-07-01 Thread libtool
of executable name. My gripe was that any file created by libtool will overwrite the file generated by cl.exe and I think cl.exe will do a better job of creating the manifest. My msvc patches then has code to embed the manifest into the executable using mt (manifest tool), but that is immaterial

[PATCH] Add test case for 69e77671 (cwrapper PATH manipulation order)

2010-10-03 Thread libtool
* tests/ Add new test 'cwrapper and installed shared libraries.' --- This patch was actually proposed by Roumen Petrov here: He mentioned here: