[Lift] (beginner question) Liftweb View folder

2009-08-27 Thread Daniel Nelson
Hello, *Problem* I'm new to Lift/Scala and trying to understand/experiment with Lift's View folder. I've not gotten past a 404 error on the browser (as it relates to the View folder; templates render fine). *Background/Environment* I've been reading Exploring Lift (~Section 3.7) along with

[Lift] Re: Menu direct link to pdf to download

2009-08-31 Thread Daniel Nelson
I'm not sure about the right way to do this in Lift, but an external menu link serves it up (with webapp as the base directory). Menu(Loc(FileDownload, ExtLink(content/StartingWithLift.pdf) , FileDownload)) :: On Aug 29, 9:11 pm, Jim Myers myer...@gmail.com wrote: I'm trying to put a link in

[Lift] Re: Ajax example from the book

2009-09-14 Thread Daniel Nelson
If you're referring to the Exploring Lift book, have a look at Section 3.11.1 Binding Values in Snippets where it explains bind. (I'm new to Lift myself and hopefully not leading you astray.) 1. myFunc's html parameter is fed automatically by the HTML Lift Template. In the follow example,

[Lift] Re: JSON Reponses

2009-12-03 Thread Daniel Nelson
Hi Matt, I'm pretty new/novice myself, but I believe you do this through View instead of Snippet. Don't forget to add the specific View page to Sitemap otherwise it won't be accessible when you call it. Hope this is accurate / helpful. Dan On Dec 3, 11:06 am, deadfolk deadf...@gmail.com