Re: [Lift] Re: Support for page and snippet level localization

2010-02-09 Thread James Matlik
I would also be very interested in more detail on this topic. I've been toying with designs with a variety of technologies (a self-driven academic activity this far) to formulate how a massively multilingual site (upwards of 12 languages) could be implemented. I've not had much luck understanding

[Lift] Version of maven for lift

2010-01-21 Thread James Matlik
What is Lift's recommended version of Maven? I am looking to create an sbaz package for easy download and install for maven for newcomers (myself included), and figure that having one that is compatible with lift would be of prime interest. Is the latest and greatest version compatible with 2.0?

Re: [Lift] Re: [lift] Version of maven for lift

2010-01-21 Thread James Matlik
Sbt is on the plan too, as well as svnkit which is a command line svn client in Java. On Jan 21, 2010 4:30 PM, Channing Walton wrote: I use maven 2.2.1 without any problem. i prefer to use sbt these days which still makes use of mvn repositories. James Matlik wrote

Re: [Lift] Version of maven for lift

2010-01-21 Thread James Matlik
I will be creating a sbaz package containing a maven release. I realize that lift generally doesn't use the scala distribution (which comes with sbaz ), but it does seem a logical stepping stone for beginners and tinkerers. I just want to make things readily accessible. Since 2.2.1 works, I'll run

[Lift] Re: security

2009-06-16 Thread James Matlik
This looks to be a very significant selling point for Lift. I realize there are some high level comments about Lift being designed for security, but I haven't seen any details explaining what measures have been put in place to qualify those statements. This is a prime example of what should be

[Lift] Re: Menu widget

2009-03-21 Thread James Matlik
Is there a running version of the widgets site online, or is this only available in source format? It would be nice to have something like this linked to the liftweb home page or wiki for people to test drive these features at zero cost. I did a quick look there and didn't find anything of the

[Lift] Re: Google search results

2009-03-12 Thread James Matlik
Why not have those links generate 301 redirects to the new site locations? It won't do much for people's existing bookmarks, but should allow search engines to update without the dead links. On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 6:50 PM, Timothy Perrett timo...@getintheloop.euwrote: In short, no. We can't

[Lift] Re: Lift's documentation

2009-03-09 Thread James Matlik
Hello Derek, I fully understand having a day job and prioritizing side projects accordingly. I also appreciate the work you, Marius and Tyler have done with the book. I have found it very helpful in my playing over the weekend. It looks like there are two versions of the getting started doc

[Lift] Re: Lift's documentation

2009-03-09 Thread James Matlik
actually update the wiki yourself, I think. It's probably faster that writing about it to the list, unless you're not sure you're correct... Chas. James Matlik wrote: I have found another inconsistency on the wiki at The wiki has