[Lift] Re: About the localization with lift:loc !

2009-11-04 Thread yk
Neil, 1. I've copied life-core_en_US.properties from lift-webkit.jar to src/ main/resources/i18n like u did n renamed to life- core_ms_MY.properties. 2. I've changed the login=Login (BM) for in file life- core_ms_MY.properties for testing 3. I am able to test localization on the fly successfully

[Lift] Foreign Key Constraints in PostgreSQL through MappedLongForeignKey fields?

2009-10-23 Thread yk
I was running the models of One-To-Many example from WiKi (http:// wiki.github.com/dpp/liftweb/how-to-work-with-one-to-many- relationships) against PostgreSQL hoping to see a foreign key constraint on the Book table. I got an index instead. Is there a way to get schemifier to acknowledge the

[Lift] Re: Question about the Getting Started Guide

2009-09-30 Thread yk
Right on there, Indrajit. I was playing with liftweb examples from http://github.com/dpp/liftweb/tree/dpp_wip_actorize and ran into similar hiccup. On Sep 30, 1:49 pm, Indrajit Raychaudhuri indraj...@gmail.com wrote: Jack, maven-jetty-plugin belongs to the group org.mortbay.jetty, not

[Lift] Seeking for Simple Sample .scala and .html that mimics CRUDify/Seam-Gen

2009-09-28 Thread yk
tutorial (the one involving Author and Book) that mimics CRUDify/Seam-Gen generated code with clear add/remove/ update/delete defs so a noob like myself can understand better =S Thank you in advance. yk --~--~-~--~~~---~--~~ You received this message because you

[Lift] Re: Seeking for Simple Sample .scala and .html that mimics CRUDify/Seam-Gen

2009-09-28 Thread yk
Dont mind my previous message. I've finally located net.liftweb.example package from git. The Simple example is exactly what I am looking for. Cheers On Sep 28, 8:45 pm, yk ying.kwang...@gmail.com wrote: I have had plowing through the internet for two weeks now, for a simple tutorial