[Lift] Re: Locale/Language in URL?

2009-05-09 Thread marius d.
Yeah ... Please see LiftRules.urlDecorate In your boot you can say something like: LiftRules.urlDecorate.append { case url = // here add the code that will add the lang query parameter } With this, all URI-s toward your app should have the information you appended. Br's, Marius On May

[Lift] Re: [patch] work around for errors running unit tests in IDEA/NetBeans

2009-05-09 Thread David Pollak
Folks, I think this patch is cool. Can one of the committers integrate it? Thanks, David On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 8:49 AM, James Strachan james.strac...@gmail.comwrote: I was trying out various IDEs to run the unit tests in the lift-webkit module and was getting errors. I guess due to

[Lift] Record-aware secondary menu?

2009-05-09 Thread Clemens Oertel
Hi, In addition to the usual primary menu (Home, List entries, Add entry, Log in/out, ...), I would like to introduce a secondary, record-aware menu to my site. The entries in this menu would contain, for example, Edit current record, Delete current record, Show current record, ... There