Re: [Lightning-dev] eltoo: A Simplified update Mechanism for Lightning and Off-Chain Contracts

2018-04-30 Thread ZmnSCPxj via Lightning-dev
Good morning Christian, This is very interesting indeed! I have started skimming through the paper. I am uncertain if the below text is correct? > Throughout this paper we will use the terms *input script* to refer to > `witnessProgram` and `scriptPubKey`, and *output script* to refer to the

Re: [Lightning-dev] [bitcoin-dev] BIP sighash_noinput

2018-04-30 Thread Dario Sneidermanis
Something like this might also be useful for several use cases related to RBF. For example: Alice sends Bob an RBF-activated transaction T1 with the intention of bumping its fee if necessary. Bob wants to send these funds to Carol, but cannot wait until T1 confirms, so he crafts a transaction T2

[Lightning-dev] BIP sighash_noinput

2018-04-30 Thread Christian Decker
Hi all, I'd like to pick up the discussion from a few months ago, and propose a new sighash flag, `SIGHASH_NOINPUT`, that removes the commitment to the previous output. This was previously mentioned on the list by Joseph Poon [1], but was never formally proposed, so I wrote a proposal [2]. We