[Lightning-dev] Splicing Proposal: Feedback please!

2018-10-09 Thread Rusty Russell
Hi all! We've had increasing numbers of c-lightning users get upset they can't open multiple channels, so I guess we're most motivated to allow splicing of existing channels. Hence this rough proposal. For simplicity, I've chosen to only allow a single splice at a time. It's still

Re: [Lightning-dev] RouteBoost: Adding 'r=' fields to BOLT 11 invoices to flag capacity

2018-10-09 Thread Rusty Russell
Pierre writes: >> But there's no reason to believe that the invoicer has more knowledge about >> all but the last hop. > > I disagree: there is a good chance that the receiver is a 24/7 running > merchant/website, with a full up-to-date view of the network, whereas > the payer is most likely a

[Lightning-dev] DDoS attacks in the Lightning Network

2018-10-09 Thread Christian Allen
Hi, I am researching on, if I can create nodes and channels by a machine learning algorithm, in lightning, such that weaknesses in the network are removed. For example, can we develop such a ML algorithm, which would prevent a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on the lightning network?