[Lightning-dev] The problem of false positives for double spend attacks

2018-10-23 Thread Margherita Favaretto
Dear Lighning-dev group, I am Margherita Favaretto, a Master student of Cyber Security at the Technical University of Denamark (DTU). I'm currently in San Francisco for one month, to advance with my academic research on Lightning Network by taking part to the networking events that are

Re: [Lightning-dev] Commitment Transaction Format Update Proposals?

2018-10-23 Thread Rusty Russell
Jim Posen writes: > Instead of leaving an extra output for CPFP, is it not sufficient to just > sign all inputs with ANYONECANPAY and expect the sender to make an exact > output for the fees input? It would require an extra tx assuming they don't > already have a properly sized UTXO handy (which