[Lightning-dev] Minisketch and lightning gossip

2018-12-12 Thread Rusty Russell
Hi all, In case you're bored with the limited range of improvements going into the 1.1 spec, you might like to ruminate on: https://github.com/sipa/minisketch/blob/master/README.md It's a library for efficient summaries of data, such as bitcoin transaction gossip. It has an

Re: [Lightning-dev] Fulgurite: ideas for making a more flexible Lightning Network protocol

2018-12-12 Thread Trey Del Bonis
Hello ZmnSCPxj, >In any case, it is certainly possible for the spec to simply specify allowing >some multiparty system with unspecified link-level behavior, but with >specified global-level behavior (i.e. contains some channels that can be >routed through, but the spec will not define how the