Re: [Lightning-dev] Mandatory "d" or "h" UX issues

2019-01-20 Thread Rusty Russell
Francis Pouliot writes: > Here is how I picture the ux issues taking place. > >1. User goes on my app to buy Bitcoin with fiat, and opts to be paid out >via LN rather than on-chain BTC. >2. My app will tell him: "make an invoice with the following: msatoshi, >description. >3.

[Lightning-dev] Unification of feature bits?

2019-01-20 Thread Rusty Russell
Hi all, I have a concrete proposal for feature bits. 1. Rename 'local features' to 'peer features'. 2. Rename 'global features' to 'routing features'. 3. Have them share a number space (ie. peer and routing features don't overlap). 4. Put both in `features` in node announcements, but

[Lightning-dev] Lightning and the semantic web

2019-01-20 Thread Melvin Carvalho
Hi All I work on the solid project [1] and am very interested in the lightning network. In particular, I am looking at trying to create an integration between lightning (layer 2) and solid (layer 3? web layer?). The first step towards integration would be to port some of the lightning concepts

Re: [Lightning-dev] Quick analysis of channel_update data

2019-01-20 Thread Fabrice Drouin
Additional info on channel_update traffic: Comparing daily backups of routing tables over the last 2 weeks shows that nearly all channels get at least a new update every day. This means that channel_update traffic is not primarily cause by nodes publishing new updates when channel are about to