Re: [Lightning-dev] Proposal: Automated Inbound Liquidity With Invoices

2019-08-15 Thread Dario Sneidermanis
Hello Ecurrencyhodler, We've been considering this flow for muun wallet, which has native submarine swap functionality, so it wouldn't be too difficult to implement. However, there's some problems with the idea: * As ZmnSCPxj notes, the push_msat functionality doesn't work for non-custodial

Re: [Lightning-dev] [bitcoin-dev] BIP sighash_noinput

2018-04-30 Thread Dario Sneidermanis
Something like this might also be useful for several use cases related to RBF. For example: Alice sends Bob an RBF-activated transaction T1 with the intention of bumping its fee if necessary. Bob wants to send these funds to Carol, but cannot wait until T1 confirms, so he crafts a transaction T2

Re: [Lightning-dev] reducing the number of blockchain transactions used by the LN, and the fees paid to confirm them

2017-12-20 Thread Dario Sneidermanis
This operation is called splice in/out, or clopen transaction. There's some information here: Cheers, Dario On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 9:52 PM, Jim Renkel wrote: > Hello, all! > > I'm a