Re: [Lightning-dev] Doubt regarding payment channel capacity

2019-11-14 Thread fiatjaf
Hello, What happens between two peers is no business of others. They can do what you said if they're cooperating, and many other dirty tricks. And that's not a problem at all for other nodes. The only thing they can't do for not is advertise a channel without telling others where it was funded

[Lightning-dev] Doubt regarding payment channel capacity

2019-11-14 Thread Subhra Mazumdar
Hello everyone, My doubt might be silly and apologies for the same. Suppose in a payment channel network say 2 parties B and C are malicious, controlled by same adversary. They had initially opened a channel of 1 BTC. But suppose they get 3 transaction request will flow value of 0.4 BTC

Re: [Lightning-dev] [VERY ROUGH DRAFT] BOLT 12: Offers

2019-11-14 Thread Yaacov Akiba Slama
On 14/11/2019 03:59, Rusty Russell wrote: > Yaacov Akiba Slama writes: >> So we can integrate between them without intermixing the semantics of >> the protocols but we need only to define the interaction points between >> them. >> >> In the previous worflow, the seller can for instance add in the