Re: dashed tie?

2001-09-21 Thread Mats Bengtsson
One fairly standard way to indicate this is to print two noteheads, with a dashed or dotted tie between the notes. Is there a property I can set to have lily do this? This works for me (1.4.7): \score { \notes { \property Staff.noAutoBeaming = ##t \time 6/8

Re: command for 'sequences'?

2001-10-02 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On mar, 2001-10-02 at 11:37, Rune Zedeler wrote: Do you plan to put it in next realease (something just like \gacen{d}) ? No, I am quite sure that this will never be implemented in lilypond. If one could just run ly2dvi as a filter then it would be no problem to run it like

Re: Just paper

2001-10-02 Thread Mats Bengtsson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Yes, but you'd better do it with TeX \ LaTeX. I get a script in the FAQ who work perfectly. I can't find it in the FAQ now, I put it in attachment. Why not try the search facility in the FAQ: - Click on FindPage - Do a full text search on, for example, `blank'

Re: Cue notes?

2001-10-05 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi, I'd like to typeset cue notes into some music. ... ... Anyone have any ideas? I do it with: otherpartfont = { \property Voice.NoteHead \override #'font-relative-size = #-3 \property Voice.Stem \override #'font-relative-size = #-3 \property Voice.Dots \override

Re: More on lyrics (and repeats/stanzas/whatever)

2001-11-01 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Maury == Maury Merkin [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Maury I have the a section fine, repeat and all for the music (all instruments) and the Maury chord designations using the \repeat { stuph } notation however I haven't figured out Maury how to insert the second set of lyrics.

Re: showing a half note and a eighth note as _one_ note?

2001-11-01 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Martin Brodbeck [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Hello, (sorry for my bad english) Is it possible, to show a note as a half note with stem down _and_ a eighth-note-stem up? I need this for sheets for classical guitar. Mats gave a way of doing it with a transparent notehead. Can

Re: trouble compiling lilypond-1.5.21

2001-11-13 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hello! I'm trying to get lilypond up and running on my linux box (Ive installed and used an old version on a previos linux machine). I've installed guile V1.4 without incedent, but when I try compiling lilypond I get some undefined symbols which I assume should be coming from libguile:

Re: Problem rendering initial dynamics?

2001-11-13 Thread Mats Bengtsson
PS: I used the source from the mail archive ( and on that page something funny happens with equal signs (=3D) and opening braces ({), extra newlines and texts 3D and 20 are added. That does not seem to happen in other

Re: Descrescendo difficulty

2001-11-14 Thread Mats Bengtsson
\context Voice = VA { \stemDown gis2 e b fis8 dis b^\accent r b a gis2 b, fis cis } Compiles fine. I want a decrescendo to start on the first chord, finish on the second chord, but anywhere I put it I seem to get a parse error. Try

Re: Adjusting paper

2001-11-14 Thread Mats Bengtsson
It seems nobody sent an answer to your questions. I redirected your question to the new main mailing list for Lilypond usage questions. Hi, I don't like how lilypond (or LaTeX) handles paper margins. In fact, it leaves too space at bottom of each page, it could place there another line of

Re: pp subitio

2001-11-23 Thread Mats Bengtsson
HWN It would be neat if we had a section like Tips and tricks that that HWN demonstrated all the little neat hacks, preferably in some kind of HWN 'condensed' format (e.g. treat lots of techniques in one example, like HWN in the tutorial), because reproducing source (.ly) code takes up a lot

Re: Unmetered quotes...

2001-09-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Crossposted this usage question to [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi, A very recurrent problem, and a very frustrating one too, in early music, if that it sometimes happens that the composer wanted a quick sequence of notes, but doesn't want to mark them as grace notes. So, he just

Re: Lyrics alignment again

2001-11-26 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy writes: I saw the question posted earlier re lyrics alignment, but I can't quite tell whether it adresses my problem, so sorry if I'm being repeticious. I have Lyrics in between two staves in a StaffGroup. This way bar lines go all across from the

Re: How to...

2001-11-29 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Dear GNU LilyPond Crew, I've been running the setup.exe and several files and directories have been copied to my desktop. How do I install the program? The following files are copied to my desktop: setup latest (dir) windows (dir) tar (dir) contrib (dir) setup.txt setup.log.full

Re: Coda and Voice Combining

2001-11-29 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Two issues popped up in my latest typesetting attempt (my second song ever). Is there any way in lilypond to perform a D.S al Coda? (A working example is appreciated) Unless you want the D.S reflected in the MIDI output, there's no problem to typeset it. Just insert text scripts (to get a

Re: Lilypond under Doslinux

2001-11-29 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I've been using Lilypond 1.4.8 for Windows for some time now and I'd like to run it under DosLinux to make it run faster. How do I do this ? I've got DosLinux running but I'm completely new to this OS. How do I install the necessary packages and how do I configure them so that LY2DVI

Re: LilyPond 1.4.8: ly2dvi error

2001-10-12 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote: ... Well, scm_make_gsubr should be in guile-1.4. Did you adjust your library load path to look for guile 1.4 first? (Hint: see what ldd lilypond says.) ahhhrch! yes, thanks. so, for other users who would want to run several guile versions, it is important

Re: Still: Drums track/notes

2001-10-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Amelie Zapf wrote: Hi Joerg, I frequently have to write drum parts. That works, except for the midi playback. I define a macro: cr = { \property Voice.NoteHead \override #'style = #'cross } and ncr = { \property Voice.NoteHead \revert

Re: Re^2: Font problem, Xdvi, quite urgent.

2001-10-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Mats wrote: Do you use the environment variable settings in lilypond-1.x.xx/buildscripts/out/lilypond-profile (installed in /etc/profile.d/ if you install the Lilypond RPM)? I myself use the alternative described in to link the Lilypond MF

Re: I've seen, but ...

2001-10-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Mats Bengtsson wrote: What is a 4rd drum symbol? Have you seen the example file input/test/ Yes, I've seen it. But: $ ly2dvi (y|n|e|a)? yes Running LilyPond... GNU LilyPond 1.5.6 Now processing: `/tmp/' Parsing... /tmp

Re: Grace notes, chords and slurs.

2001-10-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Firstly, I want to ask how I can typeset chord that spans two piano stafs, two (for example) notes on left hand, two on right hand staff. When I try to do such thing I got full chord on one of the staves. I don't think that's specifically supported at the moment, even though you could make

Re: Re^2: Font problem, Xdvi, quite urgent.

2001-10-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Mats Bengtsson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: However, both Lilypond, xdvi and dvips should be able to find the necessary fonts. Note that $MFINPUTS should end or begin with a colon, so TeX finds the default fonts as well. Here may lie part of the problem. When configuring xdvi, you

Re: Chord Lineup

2001-10-16 Thread Mats Bengtsson
It seems nobody answered your question. Could you please clarify what you mean, are you talking about the horizontal or vertical alignment? If you send a small example file that illustrates the problem, you are more likely to get an accurate answer. Also, don't forget to specify which Lilypond

Re: page numbering

2001-10-16 Thread Mats Bengtsson
hello, how can i ask: - no page number on the first page - page numbers to be like this: - 12 - in the footer and centered The ly2dvi script is fairly limited when comes to changing the page layout. If you want to design the page layout

Re: Lilypond 1.5.17 troubles

2001-10-17 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Yesterday I try to install Lilypond 1.5.17 and got some troubles. I already have 1.4.8 installed, so I go to 1.4.8 directory and make distclean Then go to 1.5.17 ./configure make and instantly get error message like SCM_CELL_TYPE undefined in moment.hh You get this problem if

Re: Having trouble changing from a4 to letter paper size.

2001-11-30 Thread Mats Bengtsson
How do I change the papersize? Right now, the music is running off the bottom of my paper. I think you need to explicitly load a font-setting file after setting papersize. The info pages say: To change the paper size, you must first set the `papersize' variable at top

Re: Coda and Voice Combining

2001-11-30 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I'm including my file as an attachment. Again, this is an example of simple concepts not working out so simply with a real life, (read: complex) example. We're trying to set this file up to have an intro line that has no lyrics, followed by music with lyrics. I've tried to set up my file

Re: Font problems

2001-12-02 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi, I installed lilypond on my debian system via apt. The postscript file that is generated can not find the font feta. Doesn't that come with lilypond? Or did I do something else wrong? When I generate tex or dvi, the displayed score is very different from what I entered in

Re: several easy questions...

2001-12-03 Thread Mats Bengtsson
If you add the also the following patch, it will work correctly: --- scm/translator-property-description.scm~Fri May 4 01:31:43 2001 +++ scm/translator-property-description.scm Mon Dec 3 10:18:21 2001 @@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ (translator-property-description 'squashedPosition integer?

Re: windows 98 dvips error

2001-12-03 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I get the attached bug report, please check. Thank you! Even though, you report didn't include the commands, just the outputs, I can notice several problems here: - It seems that you have set HOME to C:\My Documents\ This will cause problems, since Lilypond cannot handle file names with

Re: (no subject) (fwd)

2001-12-04 Thread Mats Bengtsson
... I assume that you want completely empty staves; let's say you are a music teacher and for some exercise you want to prepare a piece of score with some of the staves already filled in with music, others completely empty: no bars, no clefs, no times signatures. The students have to

Re: Struggling to build Lilypond

2001-12-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
may have to set CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS). /Mats Mats Bengtsson wrote: I'm struggling to build lilypond 1.5.25 on Solaris 2.8. Check that you have teTeX installed and that the corresponding binaries are in the PATH. Hmm, this is getting more complicated. I built teTeX with gcc

Re: Struggling to build Lilypond

2001-12-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
latex sample2e Prints out some lines and generates files files sample2e.{dvi,log,aux} xdvi sample2e Shows a 3 page document on the screen dvips sample2e generates a postscript file [EMAIL PROTECTED] said: Mats Bengtsson wrote: about teTeX installations that don't include

Re: spacing

2001-12-10 Thread Mats Bengtsson
As a temporary (?) fix for the spacing problem of \one a2 a4 with: \two a,4 a,2 could you please make it possible for silent rests to take horizontal space? \three s4 s s would fix it. What harm could it do? I'm sorry, I don't understand what problem you are

Re: Almost built but not quite. Suggestions?

2001-12-16 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Well, now I got futher than ever before. Now this is where I stop: mkdir -p ./out touch ./out/dummy.dep make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/src/various/lilypond-stuff/lilypond-1.5.2 make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/local/src/various/lilypond-stuff/lilypond-1.5.25/mf' echo no inimp or

Re: override bar numbers?

2001-12-25 Thread Mats Bengtsson
How can I override the current bar number, (in order to patch two separately compiled pages together)? Thanks for your help! -Michael Barker Try \property Score.currentBarNumber = #25 This and many other features can be found in the Regression Test document on the web page. The source

Re: Horizontal spacing between notes

2001-12-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hello, I've just started using Lilypond and I'm very impressed with this software. Is there a simple way to increase the horizontal spacing between two notes? I have collisions between markup text above one note and a following chord. Best regards, Jurgen The best solution is

Re: ly2dvi LaTex error

2001-12-31 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Return-Path: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi! I run debian with kernel 2.2.19. I've installed LilyPond 1.2.17. That's an extremely old version of Lilypond, try to install some version 1.4.x instead (the latest stable is 1.4.10). You can find both precompiled versions and source code at

Re: Alignment of syllables

2002-01-17 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 10:49:43PM +, Bas Wassink wrote: Is it possible to tell Lilypond to align sylables so that the first character of the syllable is right under the note it's associated with ? This can be done with \property Lyrics . LyricText \override #'alignment = #-1

Re: Lyrics without addlyrics

2002-01-18 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 09:48:23AM +0100, Mats Bengtsson wrote: I need to insert a sizeable rest/space in the lyrics line. r and s obviously won't work. To insert a space, use the command \space. Example: Text text text \space 1*3 more text I'm afraid I can't agree

Re: Python

2002-01-20 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Niklas Saers [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: These are the errors I get. Seems the line 27 is probably the one again. Yes, somehow, the '-I /usr/local/include' didn't get through, or was removed again. See: I hope you remembered to remove config.cache before rerunning configure. /Mats

Re: need to hide details

2002-01-20 Thread Mats Bengtsson
i hello everybody, I need to hide some details on the score: \time signature, key, and bar lines. Please, can you tell me what i must do? thanks in advance. raoul [EMAIL PROTECTED] Please read the section on invisible grobs in the chapter Tuning Output of the

Re: LilyPond for windows now tetex based

2002-01-31 Thread Mats Bengtsson
When I tried the setup.exe, it complained about setup.ini saying that there should be a newer version of setup.exe. When I click OK, the setup program dies. I had to run the new-setup.exe to be able to install. Also, it didn't install Lilypond+friends by default, just an ordinary

Re: LilyPond for windows now tetex based

2002-02-01 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Mats Bengtsson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: What is still missing (as far as I understand) is that the zlib package itself isn't listed in setup.ini Thanks. Fixed that too. ARG, the zlib's setup.hint was broken, so it didn't turn up in setup.ini. , only the dependencies

Re: Textspan

2002-02-02 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi all, Anybody know how to put a flat sign (or any non-text) into a textspanner (for instance writing 8va with a flat sign next to it)? Take a look at the example file input/test/ The flat sign is called accidentals--1 in the music font. Unfortunately, the best way to find the name

Re: lilypond-book question

2002-02-05 Thread Mats Bengtsson
on Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 08:00:43PM +0100%, Mats Bengtsson said: mats \usepackage[hmargin=2cm]{geometry} that gives me this: lilypond-book (GNU LilyPond) 1.4.9 Traceback (most recent call last): File /usr/bin/lilypond-book, line 1320, in ? do_file(input_filename) File

Re: Same error as in November

2002-02-10 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Sat, Feb 09, 2002 at 07:57:46PM +0100, Mats Bengtsson wrote: flex --version returns flex version 2.5.4 but it is really 2.5.4a, since I downloaded flex, built it, and installed it as per directions Please read the comment in INSTALL.txt on gcc 3.0 and Flex. I looked

Re: Triplet beaming

2002-02-20 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi, I have some music which is reducable to: \notes { \time 4/4 [a8 \times 2/3 {a16 a a]} a2. } I want the beaming to look like ___ | |-|-| | . . . . o (sorry for the low-quality ascii art) How should I do this? I'm using Lily 1.4.9, and keep getting | -|

Re: numbering collision

2002-02-23 Thread Mats Bengtsson
\times 2/3 {a,8^5 c^^^1 b'8^2} With 1.5.32, at least, I have to use ^#'(finger 1) instead \times 2/3 {a8^1 c#'(finger 1) b,8^2} It looks now much better! An alternative is to set some additional padding instead: \property Voice.TextScript \override #'padding = #3.0 If you just

Re: bug report attached

2002-02-24 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hello. Please look at the attached bug report. Thank you. -- Tim Duncan === + echo + mkdir -p Timothy W. Duncan I would recommend to avoid file and directory names with spaces in them. This is interpreted as a request to create three

Re: metronome marking and fingering with grace notes

2002-02-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I'm a new user, and really love this. However I have a few problems/questions. I am currently running 1.4.10.jcn1 under Win98SE but expect to be converting to Linux in the near term. 1. The metronome marking for quarter/half/dotted half as noted in the documentation works (lovely).

Re: wrapping long textual markup

2002-03-06 Thread Mats Bengtsson
This is a tricky question. If I understand you correctly, you want something like: First line of text, text text text text text music music music music music music music music music music the text continues here over the second line of music. music music music music music music

Re: wrapping long textual markup

2002-03-06 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Mats == Mats Bengtsson [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Mats Of course, a clumsy solution to your problem is to hard-code Mats the line breaks of the music using \break commands and then Mats splitting the sonnet into several text scripts, one for each Mats line

Re: time signature

2002-03-11 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi, Is there some way to hide time signatures or have stemless notes? Certainly! Read the section on 'Invisible grobs' in the reference manual (in chapter 'Tuning Output'). /Mats ___ Lilypond-user mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: Octave Higher - almost perfect

2002-04-02 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Thanks Luis. That's what I needed. However, the dots are spaced too far apart for my taste and they show up very light on GS (haven't tried printing yet) I am most concerned about the spacing. I can't seem to figure out what makes the space between the dots so big. \property

Re: Problem configuring lilypond 1.5.50

2002-04-04 Thread Mats Bengtsson
This is described in the FAQ on Lilypond installation, see the last question at /Mats Hi, I try to configure lilypond-1.5.50 on my linux slackware 8 with gcc-3.0.4, and i got this : [...] checking for kpathsea/kpathsea.h... no checking

Re: Problem configuring lilypond 1.5.50

2002-04-04 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On 2002.04.04 10:33 Mats Bengtsson wrote: This is described in the FAQ on Lilypond installation, see the last question at /Mats ok thank you. But a better solution may be to tell it to te configure like: --with-kpathsea=/path

Re: Notes in parentheses?

2002-04-08 Thread Mats Bengtsson
The example at the end of the regression-test document can be found in the file input/regression/ of the distribution. You could copy the definition of parenthesize-molecule from that file and use the same property setting to turn on and off the parentheses as in the example

Re: Windows bug report

2002-04-11 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Andy Winton [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: 2) It looks like slurs ( ) are not printed in PDF on windows. 3) It looks like [ ] are also not printed. The problem looks like my tex installation is not right. Taking a sample 'ly' file form mutopia it also is missing text and the ( ) slurs

Re: How to avoid ps2pdf

2002-04-11 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I wouldn't recommend this method in general since the resulting files will be significantly larger. The reason is that in the output from ps2ps, everything is produced using low-level Postscript drawing commands. Instead of typesetting a font symbol by specifying the font name and the character

Re: Windows bug report

2002-04-11 Thread Mats Bengtsson
GSview now. Is there a way to verrify the tex installation? Where are the fonts stored? Can I test to see if I've got them all and in the correct location? Thanks again for everyone's help, cheers, andy -Original Message- From: Mats Bengtsson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: Problem compiling lilypond 1.5.50

2002-04-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Congratulations, you have successfully built Lilypond. When you have come this far in the building process, it just works on producing Info versions of the documentation. /usr/local/bin/python ../.././scripts/ -I /tmp/lilypond-1.5.52/Documentation/user -I ./out-gcc-3.0

Re: How can I properly insert lyrics to a 4-part choral setting?

2002-04-15 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 11:34:30PM -0300, marcelo martin wrote: The problem is that the lyrics for alto, tenor and bass end up being displayed under the soprano staff, together with the soprano lyrics. I get this warning from ly2dvi: \addlyrics \context Staff = alto {

Re: Problem compiling lilypond 1.5.50

2002-04-16 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Now i got this : root@pierre:/tmp/lilypond-1.5.52/make# patch -p0 patch patching file lilypond-vars.make patch: malformed patch at line 8: $(input-dir)/tricks/ -I $(input-dir)/regression/ -I $(input-dir)/test/ -I During the mail transfer or when copying the patch an extra newline

Re: GSview problem

2002-04-22 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Carlos Garcia Suarez [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I just did as you indicated and it works. Thanks really. I am a bit surprise. Do we need to change anything based on this experience, or add some doco somewhere? Yes, Ghostscript and GSview are not installed by default at the moment. We


2002-04-22 Thread Mats Bengtsson
In addition to the answer Thomas offered, you could also take a look at the FAQ list at At the bottom of you will find an alternative solution that probably works better at the moment. Regards /Mats Hi, How can i convert any

Re: no .ps file

2002-04-24 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hey, I updated Lilypond to 1.4.12 and everything works fine, onyl now when i run ly2dvi -P i get a midi, a .tex and a .latex file, why won't it give me a .ps or .dvi file? and is there a way to view the .latex or .tex as an image instead of as a text file? Strange! Ly2dvi

Re: Parse error attempting to resize font (1.4.12/Windows)

2002-04-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
... I've been using the online manual and tutorial, as well as mutopia to 'learn by example'. As you say, many of the Mutopia examples are written for fairly old Lilypond versions. You can update some of the features using the program convert-ly, but if you want a better set of examples to

Re: Fwd: Re: libkpathsea3 and tetex

2002-04-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
This is unfortunately one of the major disadvantages of Debian; if you want to update to a newer version of a single package, you often have to upgrade a most of the system. If you read the installation instructions for Lilypond, you'll find a link to

Re: Fwd: Re: libkpathsea3 and tetex

2002-04-30 Thread Mats Bengtsson
To find out which package provides a certain file, goto, click on Debian packages and use the Search the contents of packages feature. It will tell you that the /usr/bin/kpsewhich file is included in the package 'tetex-bin'. I'm afraid you have initiated an update that

Re: Fwd: Re: libkpathsea3 and tetex

2002-05-02 Thread Mats Bengtsson
well, actually it stil doesn't work, Jan posted a messge w/ a URL to a thread about an error in the dependacy of tetex-bin..and since i use potato, that was exactly where the error was happening. i just downloaded the source-code and i'll instal it manually some time when i have a little

Re: number of systems per page

2002-05-04 Thread Mats Bengtsson
[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I am about to finish transcription of a Bach piece for piano. It looks nice except that I only have 5 systems (i.e. pair of cleff and bass staffs) in each page, and I would like to have 6. How can make them fit? How do I reduce the inter system spacing to allow for

Re: French text

2002-05-04 Thread Mats Bengtsson
As an alternative to the answer you already got, you could also simply use the cedilla key on your keyboard. The output should be correct as long as you use ly2dvi (since it uses the latin1 input encoding), even though Lilypond itself will not recognize the character while it calculates the

Re: Piano staff plus voice

2002-05-06 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Take a look at the files in the directory input/template/, I think you'll find something useful there. /Mats Hi-- Attribute it if you will to a double-digit IQ, but I cannot figure out how to create a simple piano score with a voice line either on its own staff above the piano part

Re: glissando

2002-05-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
The problem is not the bar line but that you cannot have a glissando from one Voice context to another. Just remove \context = VA (you could also remove \context Staff which is redundant). What happens is that the music from your first line of input is typeset in a Voice context with some

Re: A bug

2002-05-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Could you please send us the printouts of ly2dvi --verbose /Mats ___ Lilypond-user mailing list [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: last few small errors

2002-05-16 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi again ! I have last two ( I hope :)) ) problems in my music ... 1. numbering of measures has gone ! ... i don't understand why .. :( 2. last five lines have doubled their ending bars :( -- i don't know how to remove it perhaps #1 depends on #2 ? Yes, they are both symptoms of the

Re: Another weird error

2002-05-16 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Curious. What does ldd lilypond say? What does lilypond -V ly/ say? Nothing sensible since I don't _have_ a program called 'lilypond'. The above error is from trying to compile it... Actually, when you have come this far in the compilation

Re: Performance indications

2002-05-22 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hello-- Here's a question that refers specifically to multi-voice scores. I'm running Lilypond 1.4.13 on a modified RH 7.2 distro. I wrote a quartet score using the two-file technique detailed in the manual (,, using a little additional help from the

Re: Performance indications

2002-05-22 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Sorry, my fingers slipped so I sent a half finished answer ... If you take a look at the bottom of the file in the \score{...} declaration, you'll notice that the \tempi identifier isn't used. If you uncomment the commented line and comment the next line, you'll get a version of the

Re: lilypond emacs mode

2002-05-23 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi, Does anybody have any tips on getting the emacs mode working? I currently get: file mode specification error: (file-error Cannot open load file lilypond-indent) Colin Which Lilypond version do you use? In Lilypond 1.4.12, this file was unfortunately missing in the distribution, so

Re: music-font

2002-05-27 Thread Mats Bengtsson
hello, is there any way to see all of the symbols that are in the font used for musical and all other symbols? For the development version, they are listed in an appendix of the manual, goto click on Documentation: other ... and look at the PS or PDF version of the

Re: compile_error

2002-05-27 Thread Mats Bengtsson
The only requirement I did not meet was that my guile is v1.3.4 (but the docs said it *might* work). The system is a RH7.3 box. If I need to update guile will it break something else? Guile 1.3.4 hasn't worked since something like 1.5.3x, you need at least 1.4. /Mats

Re: music-font

2002-05-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
On Mon, 2002-05-27 at 22:42, Mats Bengtsson wrote: Could you please try the command lilypond -V Documentation/user/out/ and send the output to the mailing list. I'm not able to repeat your problem here. GNU LilyPond 1.5.58 [/usr/share/lilypond/scm/lily.scm]Now

Re: Text above staves

2002-05-28 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I am writing the second movement of Mozart's String Quartet KV387 (Minuetto). This piece is made by two sections: the Minuetto and the Trio. At the end of the piece there is Menuetto da capo. Well, I want to write Minuetto and Trio once, and above the whole set of staves, and Menuetto da

Re: need help

2002-05-29 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Please take a look at the following archived emails from this mailing list, that should provide some hints /Mats ___

Lilypond on Win. Was: need help

2002-05-31 Thread Mats Bengtsson
I tried the latest Windows installation of Lilypond (1.4.12.jcn5-1) yesterday and noticed the following problems: - The lilypond package was not selected by default, in the Select packages to install page of the installation, I had to manually click on View and click on the circular

Re: unrecognized VoltaBracket property and problem slurs

2002-06-03 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Dear LilyPond, I'm having problems with an unrecognized property-type with VoltaBracket. I checked my syntax and even downloaded other ly files from Mutopia in which the property type was used and they all produce the same error. Please send us an example of what you are trying to do.

Re: Pairing/Combining Two Sequences Together

2002-06-06 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Take a look at the example file input/test/ in the distribution. I think it does more or less what you're trying to achieve. /Mats Does anyone know how to perform an operation (using the Guile interpreter) that combines two sequences of notes? I'm not entirely sure how to

Re: Lilypond crashes while compiling this (correct) file...

2002-06-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
To find out which texmf.cnf file is actually used, run kpsewhich texmf.cnf The variables to increase are extra_mem_top, extra_mem_bot and pool_size. Actually, the ly2dvi script sets these variables as environment variables which overrides the settings in the texmf.cnf file, so as long as you use

Re: Justified staffs

2002-06-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hello all, I needed two things that I didnt find in the manual 1) how can I control breaks (I didnt get it with \bar ... it just does not break when there is space... and I couldnt user \penalty ... I tried #0 value and #9) As explained in an earlier answer, you should use \break.

Re: Help on Free Software Song

2002-06-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hi, Here comes a set of files which I hope can be useful. Note that I have updated the lilypond source code slightly to correspond to the current version and look better. Since I almost never use texinfo myself, I didn't really manage to process your example file and verify the result. Feel

Re: Tuplet bracket numbering problem

2002-06-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
It seems that some benign developer has renamed the property to number-visibility without even documenting the change in the ChangeLog and without including the change in convert-ly or the example file input/regression/ Likewise, the tuplet-bracket-visibility property has been

Re: Tuplet bracket numbering problem

2002-06-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Dear Gentlemen, Alas, a correction using number-visibility elicits this error message: warning: Not a grob name, 'tupletBracket'. Has the grob also been renamed? No, but maybe you have done it, it should be called TupletBracket and the name is case sensitive. A complete version of your

Re: Score for Piano and Rhythm?

2002-06-07 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Dear LilyPond, I am typesetting Grieg's Opus 46 and instead of traditional Pedals, he used a rhythm bar because of the complexity and unusual rhythms. Is there any way to have a PianoStaff (treble and bass) with a rhythm staff below? How about \score{ \context PianoStaff ...


2002-06-08 Thread Mats Bengtsson
HI, If I hooked up a music keyboard to my computer, would lilypond be able to write the notes I play on sheetmusic for me to print out? If so, how does that work? Well, if you have some kind of sequencer program you can use the keyboard to generate a MIDI file. Lilypond comes with a

Re: Lyrics and clefs

2002-06-08 Thread Mats Bengtsson
One feature of Lilypond is that it adjusts the spacing between different staves and between staves and lyrics based on the vertical extent of each stave. The problem is that the highest and lowest object of a stave is used to determine the spacing, even though they may be separated horizontally.

Re: letter size

2002-06-08 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Am I the only one who finds that ly2dvi ignores the \paper { papersize = letter } directive and produces A4 output in all cases? I hope you have read the Reference manual and the FAQ at the bottom of It's very unfortunate that you explicitly have to

Re: dynamics vs. text markings

2002-06-10 Thread Mats Bengtsson
One solution is to set the padding (the extra distance from the nearest musical object) of either the text script or the dynamics, using \property Score.TextScript \override #'padding = #4 or \property Score.DynamicLineSpanner \override #'padding = #3.5 or whatever values you want to use. The

Re: tuplets

2002-06-11 Thread Mats Bengtsson
Hey gang, I have a question about macro-triplets i believe they are called.. it's when 3 halfnotes act like a triplet and take up the space of 4 quarter notes. now i have a score which includes this soprano = \notes \times 2/3 { c''4 c4 c4 } alto = \notes \times 2/3 { a'4 a'4 a'4 }

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