Re: [LINK] Billing cellular sessions by the 1Mb unit.

2013-11-17 Thread Stephen Loosley
Karl and Noel write, I note that more and more mobile providers are now charging for data sessions by rounding each session up to the next megabyte. This is something which strikes me as unfair - any person who uses their smartphone in an area with less than perfect coverage can have

[LINK] Advanced Google Search Techniques

2014-01-23 Thread Stephen Loosley
In terms of advanced Google search techniques, here's the best advice I've found .. Cheers, Stephen

Re: [LINK] RFC: 'Consumer-Oriented Social Media'

2014-02-11 Thread Stephen Loosley
Roger writes, The Prospects for Consumer-Oriented Social Media The term 'social media' refers to a cluster of applications and online services that support human interaction and content broadcasting and sharing .. An

[LINK] Driving Business Innovation Program

2014-02-18 Thread Stephen Loosley
Driving Business Innovation Driving Business Innovation is a new $16 million Victorian Government program that supports Victorian businesses to develop new products

[LINK] Google Glass Explorer Community

2014-02-18 Thread Stephen Loosley Google Glass Explorers Our Glass Explorer community, which consists of people from all walks of life, actively participates in shaping the future of Glass. With new technology comes new questions, and our Explorers help to answer

Re: [LINK] Poorly Managed SSH Keys

2014-02-23 Thread Stephen Loosley
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 18:34:58 -0800 Subject: Re: [LINK] Poorly Managed SSH Keys From: To: On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 6:16 PM, Stephen Loosley wrote: Poorly managed SSH keys pose serious risks for most companies Three in four have

[LINK] Google Chrome experiments

2014-02-24 Thread Stephen Loosley
Maybe of interest .. if you use Google's Chrome browser .. enter: chrome://flags/ Without counting, there appears over a hundred Google browser experiments available. Google say, WARNING. Careful, these experiments may bite. These experimental features may change, break, or disappear at

[LINK] Net overtakes TV for ad spending

2014-02-24 Thread Stephen Loosley
Online overtakes TV for ad spending: IAB Banner ads and other general display advertising show strongest growth BY ADAM BENDER (CMO) 24 FEBRUARY, 2014 15:15 Spending on online advertising has beaten free-to-air TV for

[LINK] Cyberattacks, max the CPU and turn-off fans

2014-02-26 Thread Stephen Loosley
RSA security attack demo deep-fries Apple Mac By Ellen Messmer (Network World) — 26 February, 2014 20:13 San Francisco -- How bad can cyberattacks get? How about burning the internal components of a machine, whether PC or Mac, to a crisp so there's no thought of it being recoverable?

[LINK] European Copyright Levies

2014-02-28 Thread Stephen Loosley
EU could extend copyright levies to cloud services A new law on copyright levies was passed by the EU Parliament By Jennifer Baker (IDG News Service) 27 February, 2014 19:24 Controversial rules to maintain copyright levies on mobile devices, and potentially extend them to cloud services,

[LINK] NBN Co, iiNet and Broadcom VDSL Chipsets

2014-03-03 Thread Stephen Loosley
NBN Co tells iiNet: Use Broadcom chips in VDSL routers ISP also planning Zigbee-powered connected home router By Simon Sharwood, 24 Feb 2014 iiNet, Australia's third-largest internet

[LINK] Linux certificate verification

2014-03-05 Thread Stephen Loosley
From: Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos nmav at Subject: gnutls 3.2.12 / GNUTLS-SA-2014-2 Newsgroups: gmane.comp.encryption.gpg.gnutls.devel Date: 2014-03-03 06:22:41 GMT Hello, I've just released gnutls 3.2.12. This is an important bug-fix releaseon the current stable branch which

[LINK] A better JPEG encoder

2014-03-06 Thread Stephen Loosley
Mozilla Research: Expanding the Foundations of the Open Web Introducing The ‘mozjpeg’ Project By Josh Aas, March 5th 2014 Today I’d like to announce a new Mozilla project called ‘mozjpeg’. The goal is to providea

[LINK] ICT and Artists

2014-03-09 Thread Stephen Loosley
Hands up who doesn't like Tina Arena? We need better ICT systems for our artists ... AFTER losing more money than she has made in a 38-year

[LINK] 'Intelligibility Assistance Notices'

2014-03-18 Thread Stephen Loosley
Surrender your crypto keys or you're off to chokey, says Australia Ignoring proposed 'intelligibility assistance notices' would be a crime By Richard Chirgwin, 18 Mar 2014 Australia's

[LINK] Full Disclosure

2014-03-20 Thread Stephen Loosley
Full Disclosure Mailing List A lightly moderated high-traffic mailing list forum for disclosure of security information. Fresh vulnerabilities sometimes hit this list many hours before they pass through the Bugtraqmoderation queue. The relaxed atmosphere of

[LINK] One Screen or Two?

2014-03-21 Thread Stephen Loosley
Discovering Two Screens Aren't Better Than One (MARCH 19, 2014. Farhad Manjoo, a tech columnist for The New York Times, turned off a monitor at his home in California. He said his return to a single display was punishingly cramped at first, but soon helped him improve his focus on work.)

[LINK] 3D printing: How does it really work?

2014-03-24 Thread Stephen Loosley
In Pictures: 3D printing: How does it really work? Here are the nine most common 3D printer technologies By Julie Sartain Three-D printers are the hottest thing on the IT landscape. Everyone —

[LINK] The Scale of the Universe

2014-03-27 Thread Stephen Loosley
The Scale of the Universe .. Cheers, Stephen ___ Link mailing list

[LINK] Coalition Children

2014-03-27 Thread Stephen Loosley
to suffer from all of this. Paul Budde - See more at: - Cheers, Stephen Loosley

[LINK] The digital divide

2014-03-30 Thread Stephen Loosley
This paper by Mark Zukerberg is certainly worth a read .. (in relation to..) Why Zuckerberg prefers drones to Google's balloons The Facebook chief explains his thinking behind Internet access

[LINK] Microsoft

2014-04-02 Thread Stephen Loosley
Several interesting news items regarding Microsoft today. Thinking about it, with some smarts, it seems quite possible Microsoft will remain the dominate world ICT player. For example, free mobile phone etc operating systems that readily function as fully networked remote extensions to home

[LINK] AmazonFresh grocery store

2014-04-05 Thread Stephen Loosley
A few lucky customers of the AmazonFresh grocery store will be able to order products just by speaking into the Amazon Dash, a futuristic wand that the company started offering by invitation on Friday. The Dash is a narrow handheld device that talks to a customer's home Wi-Fi network. When

[LINK] O/T: Civilization Collapse

2014-04-07 Thread Stephen Loosley
This recent study, financed by NASA, found that because of financial inequality and environmental problems, the industrial world could suffer “a precipitous collapse” within decades. March 19, 2014 Abstract

[LINK] Deletion, Special Episode: Call For Papers

2014-04-15 Thread Stephen Loosley
From: DANIEL LEWIS ( Date: 15/4/2014 7:05 AM Subject: Deletion Call-For-Papers Hey there, Wish to post a Call-For-Papers in relation to Deletions' Special June Episode. The Deletion Special Episode CFP: Doctor Who: “...definitely a madman with a box!”

[LINK] Wanted: Industry Policy

2014-04-16 Thread Stephen Loosley
For want of industry policy, our living standards are set to fall By Goran Roos, Professor of Business and Strategic Design at Swinburne University of Technology 15th April 2014

[LINK] Malcom’s multi-mix: An (up)load of rubbish

2014-04-17 Thread Stephen Loosley
Blog: MICHELLE ROWLAND MP Shadow Assistant Minister for Communications Malcom’s multi-mix: An (up)load of rubbish April 12, 2014 “The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys”. So said Sir William Preece, the chief engineer of the British Post

[LINK] Telstra Optus networks

2014-04-18 Thread Stephen Loosley A correction from Optus regarding the comparative coverage of the Telstra and Optus mobile networks In a television advertisement broadcast from about 26 January 2014 until 18 February 2014, Optus represented that the difference between the Optus mobile network and

[LINK] The Webby Awards: two days to vote

2014-04-22 Thread Stephen Loosley
THE WEBBY AWARDS The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. Established in 1996 during the Web's infancy, The Webbys is presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Reflecting

[LINK] FTTP soon normal

2014-04-25 Thread Stephen Loosley
American telco giant ATT has revealed overnight that it will deploy Fibre to the Premises in 100 major US cities in the United States, delivering gigabit broadband speeds. This FTTP model directly contradicts statements by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull that the telco is focusing

Re: [LINK] FTTP soon normal

2014-04-26 Thread Stephen Loosley
Scott writes, Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2014 14:56:37 -0700 Subject: Re: [LINK] FTTP soon normal Up to 100 cities in 25 markets is very, very far from pretty much standard. Despite living in the middle of Silicon Valley, my city isn't on their list of 100 cities. Even their own map

[LINK] Flash drives in the sea?

2014-04-29 Thread Stephen Loosley
YESTERDAY, the aerial search for floating debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was called off, and an underwater search based on possible locator beacon signals was completed without success. Although efforts to find the missing aircraft have not been abandoned, Angus Houston, the man in

Re: [LINK] Flash drives in the sea?

2014-05-01 Thread Stephen Loosley
Glen sensibly writes, When so much is connected to the Internet, why is the aerospace industry using technology that predates fax machines to look for flash drives in the sea? That is to focus on the device rather than on the system. For sure planes could send data

[LINK] Big Data Privacy Report

2014-05-04 Thread Stephen Loosley
BIG DATA: SEIZING OPPORTUNITIES, PRESERVING VALUES May 1, 2014 DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: We are living in the midst of a social, economic, and technological revolution. How we com-municate, socialize, spend

Re: [LINK] Bring your Own Device

2014-05-06 Thread Stephen Loosley
Marghanita writes, Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 09:46:10 From: Subject: [LINK] Bring your Own Device As usual, what I heard of this discussion, focussed on the device rather than the human capability of schools/teachers to support the stuff ..

[LINK] Uber?

2014-05-12 Thread Stephen Loosley
Victoria government issues $1700 fines to Uber ride-sharing drivers as media gaffe surfaces May 8, 2014 by Ben Grubb The Victorian government is

[LINK] Australia now bigger

2014-05-15 Thread Stephen Loosley
Outcrop find could boost WA's gas share AAP MAY 16, 2014 11:05AM THREE rocky outcrops discovered off the Kimberley coast will prompt a redrawing of Western Australia's maritime

[LINK] iOS Apps run on Android

2014-05-15 Thread Stephen Loosley
Columbia University Department of Computer Science Projects: Cider, Native Execution of iOS Apps on Android Cider is an operating system compatibility architecture that can run applications built for different mobile ecosystems, iOS or

[LINK] Telstra WiFi Network

2014-05-20 Thread Stephen Loosley
Jan notes, Telstra to pour millions into national wifi network Linker Stil writes realistically, over on Crikey, regarding this initiative. With our home routers creating this Wifi world, it seems Telstra will know the exact location (as well as much else besides) of many Australians

[LINK] IPv4 Addresses Near Exhaustion

2014-05-22 Thread Stephen Loosley
Anyway, 340-undecillion does sound a lot .. ICANN Announcements 20 May 2014 Remaining IPv4 Addresses Nearing Total Exhaustion ICANN announced today that it has begun the process of allocating the remaining blocks of Internet

[LINK] Videogames as spectator sports

2014-06-04 Thread Stephen Loosley
The virtual grandstands of professional video gaming By Brendan Keogh Tue 3 Jun 2014 We're not likely to see a report on the 6 o'clock news about the

[LINK] The Hon Turnbull, Minister for Slow

2014-06-05 Thread Stephen Loosley
A well-informed email to Bolt or Jones re the NBN might have results (See paragraph 4) :-D Fairfax Media, June 6th 2014, by Heath Aston and James Massola (snipped) The public undermining of Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull have been linked to expectations inside the Coalition

[LINK] Many servers are insecure

2014-06-07 Thread Stephen Loosley
Many servers expose insecure out-of-band management interfaces to the Internet By Lucian Constantin (IDG News Service) on 07 June, 2014 01:14 Many servers expose insecure management interfaces to the Internet

[LINK] The Machine

2014-06-12 Thread Stephen Loosley
According to this news item, Hewlett-Packard may soon revolutionize computing. Up to three quarters of HP lab staff are now working on 'The Machine' ... By James Niccolai (IDG News Service) on 12 June, 2014 .Hewlett-Packard has kicked off an ambitious project that aims at nothing less than

[LINK] Quantum Communications

2014-06-16 Thread Stephen Loosley
China begins work on super-secure network as a ‘real-world’ trial successfully sends quantum keys and data By Jane Qiu Cybersecurity is a step closer to the dream of sending data securely over long distances

[LINK] All Gov correspondence will be online by 2017

2014-06-22 Thread Stephen Loosley
Governments' IT projects needn't cost the world. Here's how we can do better By Malcolm Turnbull Friday 20 June 2014 Australia has ambitious targets to improve the relationship between citizens and the government: all correspondence will be able to be conducted

[LINK] RFC: Victoria's Digital Economy Strategy

2014-06-24 Thread Stephen Loosley
Help shape Victoria’s Digital Economy Welcome to The Victorian Government’s online community. We are seeking your input into the development of a strategy to support Victoria’s digital economy and encourage you to submit your ideas and

[LINK] Gumtree

2014-06-28 Thread Stephen Loosley
Doing an ad search of Gumtree, using Crome, doesanybody else currently get this site-wide message? The Website Ahead Contains Malware! Google Chrome has blocked access to for now. Even if you have visited this website safely in the past, visiting it now is very likely to

Re: [LINK] Gumtree

2014-06-28 Thread Stephen Loosley Important articles! * Why can't I browse ads? A security message pops up instead Our team is aware of an issue causing a warning message to pop upwhen you try to browse ads on the site. We're working to resolve thisas quickly as possible! We apologise for the

Re: [LINK] Gumtree

2014-06-29 Thread Stephen Loosley
rickw Stephen Loosley wrote: Doing an ad search of Gumtree, using Crome, doesanybody else currently get this site-wide message? The Website Ahead Contains Malware! Google Chrome has blocked access to for now. Even if you have

[LINK] Browsers

2014-07-06 Thread Stephen Loosley
Firefox falters, falls to record low in overall browser share Apple's Safari also sheds combined desktop-mobile share, while Google's browsers gain impressive ground By Gregg Keizer (Computerworld (US)) on 06 July, 2014 22:53 Firefox's user share on all platforms - desktop and mobile - has

[LINK] 2048

2014-07-06 Thread Stephen Loosley
Angry birds, candy crush .. next .. 2048 Cheers, Stephen ___ Link mailing list

[LINK] The World's Best Programmers

2014-07-07 Thread Stephen Loosley
Superclass - 14 of the world’s best living programmers When developers discuss who the world’s top programmer is, these names tend to come up .. By Phil Johnson * Jon Skeet Main claim to fame: Legendary Stack Overflow contributor Credentials:

Re: [LINK] Functional Programming

2014-07-10 Thread Stephen Loosley
Rick (and Jim) note, Facebook went with a novel programming methodology, called functional programming, Novel, eh? .. Novel to the reporter does not novel make. Yes, indeed true Rick :-) Mind you, I also think this reporter has indeed spotted the beginningof a major new direction

[LINK] AEC to release secret voting source code

2014-07-10 Thread Stephen Loosley
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2014 11:59:45 +1000 From: To: While you're here Jeremy ... thanks for supporting Tassie programmer-turned-lawyer Michael Cordover in his FOI request for the source code of AEC software, developed in-house, for conducting Senate

[LINK] Free Trade Agreements

2014-07-14 Thread Stephen Loosley
SUBMISSION TO THE SENATE REGARDING THE KOREA FREE TRADE AGREEMENT (Summary) Like many people I am deeply concerned that our government is signing a

[LINK] The Thread Group

2014-07-15 Thread Stephen Loosley
Samsung, Arm and Nest launch Thread Group to tie devices together By Stephen Lawson (IDG News Service) on 15 July, 2014 The Google subsidiary, Nest, and other heavy hitters including Samsung Electronics and Arm Holdings are launching a bid to make

[LINK] Money Talks

2014-07-16 Thread Stephen Loosley
Although perhaps one can't be sure of the stats, this divest idea is sound. And so, as good old Ticky Fullerton reported on 'The Business' tonight ... and

[LINK] Countmein

2014-07-19 Thread Stephen Loosley
I love corporate sponsorship like this ... appealing, artistic and intelligent .. WE'RE GIVING AN UNDERRATED SONG A SECOND CHANCE AND AN AUSSIE ARTIST THEIR FIRST .. -- Cheers, Stephen

[LINK] Life

2014-07-23 Thread Stephen Loosley
Biologists discover bacteria that eat pure electrons, redefining life By Sebastian Anthony on July 18, 2014 Some intrepid biologists at the University of Southern California (USC) have discovered bacteria that survives on nothing but electricity — rather than

Re: [LINK] Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

2014-07-28 Thread Stephen Loosley
which are designed to ensure that Australians are treated as second-class citizens. On 28 July 2014 00:57, Stephen Loosley wrote: Australian Government Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

[LINK] Teaching ICT to School Kids

2014-07-29 Thread Stephen Loosley
ICT in Schools The ICT in Schools program allows you to work with teachers and schools in a flexible, professional partnership. You will provide valuable ideas and inspiration for teachers and students; in turn, you will

Re: [LINK] Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

2014-07-30 Thread Stephen Loosley
T'would appear our traditional, fair-enough copyright concept is now corrupt, with any number leeching and bottom feeding .. Advice from Google and others that piracy is primarily a pricing and availability problem has fallen on

[LINK] Solar Panels etc

2014-08-03 Thread Stephen Loosley
Why do we have to fight the Abbottom government on everything that matters? Australians considering putting solar panels on their roofs might want to get a hurry-on. The price for a typical system

[LINK] Remotely controlling life

2014-08-04 Thread Stephen Loosley
Seems to me, in future, when our phones are our life-remote-controls, we are going to need much better app security and IPv6 number-allocation systems than we have now. Ideally every electronic device in our future lives will have a unique IP address. So, maybe when we are born we should be

[LINK] The Cavalry

2014-08-10 Thread Stephen Loosley The Cavalry is a global grassroots organization that is focused on issues where computer security intersects public safety and human life. We strive to ensure that these technologies are worthy of the trust we place in them. We are seeking to organize as a

[LINK] Wyvern

2014-08-13 Thread Stephen Loosley
New programming language accommodates multiple languages in same program August 7, 2014 Carnegie Mellon University Computer scientists at

[LINK] NSW 'Have Your Say' Website

2014-08-14 Thread Stephen Loosley
The NSW Government Have Your Say website Consult with the NSW Government on plans to keep the state moving and growing into the future Have Your Say provides details of current community consultations taking place throughout the state of New South Wales.

[LINK] Australia's upcoming defence strategy

2014-08-19 Thread Stephen Loosley
Kim writes, From: Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 09:11:59 +1000 Subject: [LINK] What Today's Economic Gloomsayers Are Missing Technology is not our enemy. It is our best hope. Yes, agreed. And going forward, I think technology and specifically communications technology

[LINK] Bitcoin .. ATO's draft guidance

2014-08-21 Thread Stephen Loosley
ATO set to apply GST and capital gains tax to Bitcoin By Brian Karlovsky on 21 August, 2014 The Australian Tax Office is set to apply GST and capital gains tax to bitcoin in its first move to tax the digital currency. The ATO does not deem bitcoin as

Re: [LINK] Ffx: Still no bus model for quality jnalism

2014-08-25 Thread Stephen Loosley
for just such a reason. Hopefully will have more info on this shortly. In the meantime check out... Cheers, Stephen Loosley ___ Link mailing list http

[LINK] Security

2014-08-25 Thread Stephen Loosley
Another perspective regarding security ... ONE of US President Barack Obama’s national telecommunications security confidants says the Abbott government’s proposed mandatory data retention

[LINK] Good Will Hunting

2014-08-27 Thread Stephen Loosley
This is the lead story for the New York Times today. It's an altogether rather hopeful and even quite heartening story regarding the hither-to very sorry tale concerning the world's inaction regarding climate change. Especially and particularly America's sickening denial of real

[LINK] Email 24/7

2014-08-30 Thread Stephen Loosley
End the Tyranny of 24/7 Email By CLIVE THOMPSON AUG. 28, 2014 THIS Labor Day weekend, odds are you’ll peek at your work email on your “day off” — and then feel guilty about it. You might envy the serene workers

[LINK] Australian Crime Commission's ambit claim

2014-09-04 Thread Stephen Loosley
Australian Crime Commission rejects limits on website blocking ACC also wants inquiry to examine penalties for non-compliant ISPs By Rohan Pearce (Computerworld) on 04 September, 2014

Re: [LINK] Data Retention - Canberra, Thu 11 Sep

2014-09-08 Thread Stephen Loosley
Roger writes, This Thursday, 11th September EFA is running a panel session on the merits and risks of mandatory data retention and mass surveillance more generally. The panel comprises: - Dr Roger Clarke - current Chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation and a tireless privacy

Re: [LINK] Monday time waster...

2014-09-15 Thread Stephen Loosley
Andy notes .. Thanks Andy. On world climate change, this Abbott government is embarrassing. Rather than accepting the conclusions of the IPCC’s 1250 international experts  (as approved by every major government)  Abbott’s chief business adviser is insisting

Re: [LINK] RFC: Data Retention

2014-09-15 Thread Stephen Loosley
An appropriate response Roger. Also one might say, after Snowden's continued revelations today, that Aussie efforts regarding any secret retention of local data in future might well be irrelevant given probable NSA interception. Haha, apparently the Americans will be 'secretly' collecting

Re: [LINK] Data Retention

2014-09-17 Thread Stephen Loosley
No matter how real the terrorist threat, the pre-emptive surveillance of every single Australian would be an extraordinary policy in every sense of the word - way outside the bounds of proportionality, and, way outside the boundaries of legitimate government action in a free country. It

[LINK] The Ig Nobel Prize

2014-09-19 Thread Stephen Loosley
The 2014 Ig Nobel Prize Winners The 2014 Ig Nobel Prizes were awarded on Thursday night, September 18th, 2014 at the 24th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, at the Harvard University Sanders Theatre. PSYCHOLOGY PRIZE [AUSTRALIA, UK, USA]:

[LINK] Bash exploit, easy severe

2014-09-25 Thread Stephen Loosley

[LINK] #HeyASIO (It's Friday)

2014-09-26 Thread Stephen Loosley
For a laugh, trying searching Twitter for #HeyASIO .. michele ‏@micheledbell 9m #HeyASIO knowing you can see everything I do reminds me of Santa Anna Spargo-Ryan ‏@annaspargoryan 1h I had children with this person. #heyasio

[LINK] Google across Southern Hemisphere

2014-09-28 Thread Stephen Loosley
EmTech: Google’s Internet “Loon” Balloons Will Ring the Globe within a Year Google X research lab boss Astro Teller says wireless balloons will test delivering Internet access throughout the Southern Hemisphere by next year. By Tom Simonite on September 23, 2014 MIT Technology Review:

[LINK] IT Skills

2014-09-30 Thread Stephen Loosley
IT skills that are in demand, and those that will be IT professionals seeking certifications in the coming months may get their best return with cloud and security-related certifications. By: Patrick Thibodeau (Computerworld (US)) on 29 September, 2014

[LINK] FBI: Chinese hackers “drunk burglars”

2014-10-06 Thread Stephen Loosley
China’s cyber-war costing US companies billions, FBI chief tells 60 Minutes AFP OCTOBER 06, 2014 11:05AM The head of the FBI has likened Chinese

[LINK] American school online tests

2014-10-08 Thread Stephen Loosley
Perhaps of interest. The U.S. is introducing online standardized tests to measure American school students’ mastery of their Common Core, the new academic standards that have been adopted by most (42) of the U.S. states. Here are the online practice tests by the

[LINK] Money transfer etc via tweets

2014-10-13 Thread Stephen Loosley
French bank, Twitter team up for money transfers via tweets Sunday, October 12, 2014. By LEILA ABBOUD AND ERIC AUCHARD FOR REUTERS PARIS/FRANKFURT (Reuters) – One of France’s largest banks is teaming up with

[LINK] Ultra-fast battery charge, 70% in two minutes

2014-10-13 Thread Stephen Loosley
Ultra-fast charging batteries that can be 70% recharged in just two minutes Date: October 13, 2014 Source: Nanyang Technological University Scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) have developed a new battery

Re: [LINK] web: The cookie is dead. Here's how Facebook, Google, and Apple are tracking you ...

2014-10-14 Thread Stephen Loosley
Ric writes, The announcement of the death of cookies is very premature .. Yes, agreed Ric. Although an interesting and otherwise informative article (thanks Jan), in referring mainly to mobile phone net access, the author does seem rather carried away regarding his predicted death of

[LINK] Web ads aimed at just one person

2014-10-17 Thread Stephen Loosley
Malicious advertisements are being 'micro-targeted' at defense companies By Jeremy Kirk (IDG News Service) on 17 October, 2014 13:01 A major change this year in how online advertisements

[LINK] What can one say

2014-10-20 Thread Stephen Loosley
Sometimes the internet (hmm, it seems our world is now beyond the proper noun 'Internet') .. anyway .. although a senior cit.. sometimes the net, and people, still surprise you. For eg .. Hot Chips and a link there-in .. Hot Chips (Quote) In May 1995, this web

Re: [LINK] Vale Gough Whitlam

2014-10-21 Thread Stephen Loosley
Marghanita writes, Vale Gough Whitlam A pity such a bright light has currently been replaced by such a feeble, dim one ,,, Green Economy Index 2014: Australia ranked last for leadership By Inga Ting, October 21, 2014 (snip)

[LINK] Gov killing off Australian wind-tower industry

2014-10-23 Thread Stephen Loosley
(Quote) Tony Abbott may think coal is good for humanity but it's not particularly good for climate change. It's been a big few weeks for coal and also for the climate. We've had the ANU divestment decision, Tony Abbott opening a mine and telling us all that coal was good for humanity, and Joe

[LINK] Google's harvesting algorithms

2014-10-27 Thread Stephen Loosley
Why Google wants to replace Gmail Gmail represents a dying class of products that, like Google Reader, puts control in the hands of users, not signal-harvesting algorithms. By Mike Elgan (US Computerworld) on 25th October, 2014 22:11

[LINK] Tracking

2014-10-29 Thread Stephen Loosley
Jim writes, It's fairly obvious to me that embedded intelligence will continue to increase over time. We are clearly in the prototype era. Hitting the sweet spot that aids rather than hinders, balances automation with user control, and doesn't subsume users needs to corporate objectives, in

[LINK] Martin Jetpack

2014-10-30 Thread Stephen Loosley
Check this out .. :-) The Martin Jetpack Ready to fly? Named as one of Time magazine's Top 50 inventions for 2010, the Martin Jetpack is the world's first practical jetpack, set to revolutionise the industries of aviation, recreation and transportation.

[LINK] ITU State of Play

2014-10-30 Thread Stephen Loosley
Has the United Nations taken over the Internet yet? Impress at your next dinner party with this primer on what's happening at the ITU gabfest By Kieren McCarthy, 30 Oct 2014

[LINK] Quantum particles here, the waves other universes

2014-11-01 Thread Stephen Loosley
So .. a quantum particle is here, and the waves are in the other universes .. Abstract: We investigate whether quantum theory can be understood as the continuum limit of a mechanical theory, in which there is a huge, but finite, number of

[LINK] 'The Importance of Tech Education in Our Schools'

2014-11-03 Thread Stephen Loosley
* Teachers are supported to undertake professional learning in key areas of IT competency. Full transcript: Cheers, guys Stephen Loosley Member, Victorian Institute of Teaching

[LINK] NBN halting fibre-to-the-premise deployment

2014-11-12 Thread Stephen Loosley
NBN Co set to halt fibre-to-the-premise deployments By Brian Karlovsky (ARN) on 13 November, 2014 NBN Co is set to pull the plug on fibre-to-premise deployments, but will consider a 'fibre on demand'

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