Re: KVM on top of BTRFS

2012-06-13 Thread Ernst Sjöstrand
Hi, you can't beat the benchmarks that Serge Hallyn did, really thorough! Regards //Ernst 2012/6/12 steamraven Seems a little unfair on btrfs to just to look at absolutes in this context. Prior

Re: New btrfsck status

2011-04-13 Thread Ernst Sjöstrand
A very good question indeed! ;-) Regards //Ernst Sjöstrand On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 14:13, Thomas Backlund wrote: Chris Mason skrev 10.2.2011 14:17: Excerpts from Ben Gamari's message of 2011-02-09 21:52:20 -0500: Hey all, Over the last several months there have been many