Re: dependency hell OR it should not be this hard

2019-08-12 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
dencies. And if the simpler software lacks a feature > > you need, you can usually kludge it together with a couple > > shellscripts and maybe some Python/Perl/Ruby/Lua/awk/grep/sed. We all > > hate to kludge, but I think the ultimate kludge is some conceited > > developer requiring 100K lines of imp

Re: "antisemitic" Linux Mint [was: Re: Distro recommendation]

2017-11-20 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
; with-openoffice-update/ > > > > > Ellison (obviously upset by RMS's boycott) donates Open Office to the > Apache > > Foundation. > > This is not so clear to me. > > -- > Tzafrir Cohen | | VIM is > |

Re: Which Linux distribution is stable yet up-to-date?

2015-11-30 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
other basic software tools? > > > > --- Omer > > > > > > ___ > Linux-il mailing list > > > -- -- Jeremy Hoyland ___ Linux-il mailing list

[JOBOFFER] - Content Development - Sun Israel Development Center

2006-08-14 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
Hi, We have a new open position at SIDC for a software engineer with the below requirements. Please send relevant cv's only, DIRECTLY to tiki.cohen at please note: It is a content development position, not a software development one. That said, the profile is probably closer to

Re: Debugger for PPC

2002-06-30 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
-posting. -- - Jeremy Hoyland [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sun MicrosystemsJava Partner Engineering = To unsubscribe, send mail

Re: StarOffice - Israeli mirror? RPM?

2002-01-13 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
I also got hit with this when I tried installing staroffice. Here is a tried-and-tested way of installing staroffice on your linux machine in a normal, unix-like way: 1. su to root 2. run the installation with the -net option, and install in (say) /opt/staroffice6.0 (N.B. Ignore any components

Re: Priority inheritance in Linux an offtopic question

2002-01-01 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
Sory for asking this here- but maybe someone know about this on Digital Unix? Edy -- -- - __ /_/\ / \\ \Jeremy Hoyland, System Architect

[Fwd: hotplug on Red Hat Linux 7.2]

2001-12-12 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
A colleague of mine is having problems with USB (a.k.a. hotplug) devices. He has a targus optical mini-mouse and a serial converter - neither of which are usable under Linux. The competing product from Redmond works fine ;-( He has posted the attached mail to the relevant hotplug lists (so

Re: Two System Problems

2001-10-17 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
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Re: Two System Problems

2001-10-17 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
: Hi I havn't read the entire message, but I quickly reply: Do not do 'dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/hdc bs=512 count=1' unless you know _very_well_ what you are doing. You will erase your partition table. On Wed, Oct 17, 2001 at 10:57:55AM +0200, Jeremy Hoyland wrote: Daniel, IIRC I have managed

Re: bash prop

2001-03-12 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
is usually a good way of doing it, however YMMV. J. -- - __ /_/\ / \\ \Jeremy Hoyland, System Architect /_\ \\ / Sun Israel Development Center

Re: linux lab on michlala leminhal

1999-07-04 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
t can be a BIG issue or a little issue) Mike = To unsubscribe, send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the word "unsubscribe" in the message body, e.g., run the command echo unsubscribe | mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- J

Re: Virtual consoles in KDE

1999-07-04 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
that spoils my life since i installed KDE. Previously, i could switch to virtual consoles with Alt+F1,F2.., i searched the documentation of KDE but seems that this feature lacks... Evgeny Popov -- Jeremy Hoyland [EMAIL PROTECTED

Re: help - amit

1999-06-30 Thread Jeremy Hoyland
with a 28.8 Kb. Well, you don't have to! Pick up a cheap 28.8Kb regular modem (NOT a losemodem) and plug it into your box, next to the 56K. now, daisy-chain the telephone line from one modem to the other. Simple! you can now use your 28.8Kb in linux, and your 56K in windoze! -- Jeremy Hoyland