Re: Something nice to read

1999-03-31 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Peter L. Peres wrote: "Linux Commercial Shipments Will Increase at a Four-Year Rate of 25%" I know that this is interesting but let's see 25% (impressing) per four years, reported to ONE year, and plot that against commercial shipments of/for other platforms, yes ?

Re: shell script

1999-04-09 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Alex Shnitman wrote: Does anyone know how to connect to a remote host by telnet using a shell script ? I need to get some data using a telnet. man expect Should get you started in 15 minutes. actually, you're throwing in a hammer when sometimes a small screwdriver

Re: shadow over NIS - answer

1999-04-13 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, tuvia beker wrote: Sorry. The solution is rather simple, and indeed documented: # Host : Map : Security : Passwd_mangle *: *: port : yes in ypserv.conf solves this problem. It

Re: Philips non-Brilliance

1999-04-13 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 12 Apr 1999, Stanislav Malyshev a.k.a Frodo wrote: I saw such a beast. The most funny thing about it it that is has an advertisement on it, which proclaims that it's "optimized for windows" (beware of the word "optimised for Z", it means meaning is "we are too dumb to make it work

Re: implimenting c with rfc959

1999-04-17 Thread guy keren
On Sat, 17 Apr 1999, Guy Cohen wrote: strcpy ( tmp, "PASV"); strcat ( tmp, "\n"); write ( sd, tmp, strlen(tmp)); bzero ( tmp, sizeof(tmp)); read ( sd, netbuf, sizeof(netbuf)); printf ( "%s", netbuf); bzero ( netbuf,sizeof(netbuf)); i hope this is not the exact code you wrote, or that the

sloppy GUI debuggers (was: Re: X/Motif Programming questions)

1999-04-27 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Daniel Feiglin wrote: 2. General question: For the above item I used the standard gcc which comes with RH 5.2. Whattools are available for "non toy" applications? Is there a decent non thread sloppy GUI debugger available? available non-thread sloppy GUI debuggers: 1.

Re: Virtual Memory Space of a Linux Process

1999-04-27 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 27 Apr 1999, Cagri Koksal wrote: I am working on a process migration project under linux. I want to create an environment for dynamic load balancing. i got a feeling that your question is too advanced for this group. Further, i think it requires quite some time for debugging (as

Re: InstaParty next week.

1999-04-29 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Liran Zvibel wrote: I have few questions: 1. Is there an insta party? 2. Should the people of LinuxIL come and help install ( thus meaning that Ican't sleep till take next Fri. IIRC, it's made up by sivan's people, in the same place in dizengof that PF1's one took

Re: Secure NFS w/ changing IP

1999-05-03 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 2 May 1999, Alex Shnitman wrote: Is anybody aware of an alternative to NFS that works the way ssh does, i.e. does authentication not according to the IP but according to the existance of the right key on the other side? Some kind of NFS with public-key cryptoraphy? In other words,

Re: Apache 1.3

1999-05-05 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 4 May 1999, Schlomo Schapiro wrote: thanks, this definitively brings me forward. I indeed want apache to deliver a listing of the contents of the dir (also of the symlink and the stuff below), since it contains only pics and data files I want to be able to download like this. It

Re: Linux router problem

1999-05-05 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 4 May 1999, Vadim Dostman wrote: [root@lab /root]# route -n Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric RefUse Iface UH0 02 eth0

Re: Bounce party

1999-05-08 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 7 May 1999, Vadim Vygonets wrote: The messages looped through I tried to send mail to the isdn subscribers to check where the problem is, but all the mails bounced. 1. (bezeq ben leumi) are moving their system to a new system for 3 weeks already, and thus

Re: linux installation party - Technion, Haifa

1999-05-08 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 7 May 1999, Orr Dunkelman wrote: Rifkin is not designed for such an act. we don't have phoneline. however, we can arragne it so you could have a place to lecture in. We shall "borrow" some viewgraph (Makeren Shekafim), and we'll try to find some sound equipment. oh... so now i'd

lilo on MBR?? (was: Re: The darnest thing...)

1999-05-11 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 9 May 1999, Oded Arbel wrote: the installation was a brease, and everything went fine (except for some problems with the RH6 installed Font Server {xfs} - did anyone had problems with it ? I'll later check what's happening there and report back..) and I installed LILO in the MBR.

Re: programming questions. topics process , signals , IPC

1999-05-11 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 11 May 1999 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: how can I convince child process not to send SIGCHLD to the father (and thus not remain zombie)? if i remember correctly, you could simply set the signal handler of SIGCHL to SIGIGN (ignore), and then child processes are 'ripped off' automatically

thank you, gpart..

1999-05-11 Thread guy keren
just wanted to thank gpart, and the person here that mentioned it, for their existance. my sister's PC was hit by the 'chernobil' virus, leaving the partition table empty, but not affecting the bios. I prepared a linux rescue disk (tom's boot-root kit,, and replaced the

regarding pf1/sivan's installation party, friday...

1999-05-11 Thread guy keren
i've finally managed to get up on time to go to an installation part that's held in the inhuman hours of friday morning... went there, and came back home with 'mixed emotions'. to the plus side, there were quite many installers (12? more?), many screens, keyboards, electric cords, and even some

Re: Network proggramming turitial.

1999-05-15 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 13 May 1999, - wrote: Hello. I need a SIMPLE and GOOD turitial about network developing with c for linux. Any ideas where can i get/download one ? try this one (ok. so it's mine.): and then choose the 'Internetworking With Unix Sockets'

Re: Civ CTP

1999-05-22 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 20 May 1999, Oren Shomron wrote: Has anyone played Civilization CTP for Linux, know if there's a demo available for download, and know if it is sold anywhere in Israel? Also I was wondering what people think of the new is where you should look for


1999-05-22 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 20 May 1999 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I want to calculate exact CPU time for a perticular set of statements in a 'c' program.Kindly give the solution for the above. check out the manual page of the 'getrusage' system call. in general, you call getrusage at the begging and at the end

Re: resetting console in text mode

1999-05-23 Thread guy keren
On 23 May 1999, Oleg Goldshmidt wrote: For the "real geeks" (I never tried it, I guessI am not enough of a real geek :) - any character can be typed at a console by holding the left Alt key and typing its ascii code as a 3-digit zero padded decimal number on the keypad. You can, in

Re: linux lab on michlala leminhal

1999-07-08 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Jeremy Hoyland wrote: the way you've worded the labs, I assume they're for people with at least unix user experience, and probably a basic sysadmin course under their belts - if not, you're gonna have a job explaining concepts such as "partitioning" and "swap

Re: Thrashing and Crashing

1999-07-13 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Yaron Zabary wrote: I would guess that your netscape is indeed running out of swap not necessarily. if it did, it'll most likely core dump in some manner (or the first application that tries to allocate memory and tries to access the not-really-allocated memory via the

lupg: new tutorial: accessing user accounts info on unix

1999-07-16 Thread guy keren
hi, a new programming tutorial is available on the LUPG site ( under the tutorials section - Accessing User Information On A Unix System. The exact URL is this tutorial explains the

ok, then another (x)emacs question

1999-07-25 Thread guy keren
if we're at it - here is a puzzling question: the incremental search in (x)emacs is case-insensitive by default, as it seems. now, how does make it become case-sensitive? or otherwise how does one make a case-snsitive search in (x)emacs? this little "feature" caused us to loose a few hours at

Re: crontab error

1999-07-24 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 25 Jul 1999, Ariel Biener wrote: This is NOT where you put crontab entries, nor is this the format for crontab (albeit close). the following is a work-around, not an answer to "why this problem occures in the first place" (even thought you're right - he shouldn't have tried doing

Re: ok, then another (x)emacs question

1999-07-30 Thread guy keren
On 26 Jul 1999, Oleg Goldshmidt wrote: Again, as Andre pointed out, using help always helps. One of the greatest help engines I've ever seen is (hyper-)apropos. You could have found the solution in seconds typing C-h a search RET and isearching for case a couple of times. No, this is

Writing tutorials (was: Re: Shell Programming Tutorial?)

1999-07-30 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 26 Jul 1999, Muli B.Y. wrote: Can anyone recommend a good online shell programming tutorial, other than `man bash`? now that you mentioned it, and that you get a nice set of resources from a set of people - it's time for my plag - why won't you use all that nice information, and form

Re: re- shell scripting

1999-07-30 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 27 Jul 1999, Gaal Yahas wrote: Aaaarrrggghh!! Will people save themselves the trouble of learning csh "programming", then spending hours of funless debugging and bug incompatibilities across machines? ah... such a short-sighted point of view... it's not like you, gaal. sometimes, you

Re: [Re: re- shell scripting]

1999-07-30 Thread guy keren
On 28 Jul 1999, chen shapira wrote: I'd suggest learning python 'nstead of perl. its just as powerfull and much much easier to learn and much more readable. i'd re-phrase your claim as well: I'd suggest learning python _AS WELL AS_ perl, because ... (quoet your own reasoning here).

New programming tutorial - Xlib programming

1999-07-31 Thread guy keren
a new programming tutorial is avaiable via the LUPG site - - Basic Graphics Programming using The Xlib Library. the tutorial is available on the 'tutorials' page, in the 'intermediate' section, under the 'graphics programming' sub-section, and is hopefully the

Re: Newbie on GCC

1999-08-09 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 8 Aug 1999, Yoav Ben-Yosef wrote: I'm trying for the first time to compile a program which uses ncurses (a "Hello World!" progie compiled and runs fine :), but all ncurses functions aren't identified by the linker. It seems I'm not pointing at the right direction for the ncurses

Re: ASM for I386

1999-08-09 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, - wrote: Hello i was wandering if anyone here knows a webpage where can i learn the basic i386 instructions in assembly... I found some pages, but the stuff there only works on TASM or MASM Any idea ? the assembly commands are the same - the format of assembly

Re: socket programming

1999-08-10 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 10 Aug 1999, fusty LePeR wrote: Hi , im looking for socket programming books either hebrew or english it doesnt matter if you want the ultimate source - "Unix Network Programming, volume 1" by W. Richard Stevens. it's almost 1000 pages, out of which about 700 are about socket

Re: Linux+SQUID assistance needed

1999-08-12 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Evgeny Popov wrote: I want to convince my company ( Mekorot ) you mean before the next strike, after, or during? (sorry, just couldn't resits). but read on, please... to use LINUX in one of our SCADA projects, but i need to be sure that LINUX will be able to serve us.

summary: first meeting of haifa linux club

1999-08-20 Thread guy keren
hi, the first meeting of the haifa linux club (temporary name - we'll make a competetion for finding a new name, and the winner will get a free copy of the complete source code of the linux kernel as a reward) was held yesterday (thurthday). there were about 20 participants in the meeting. a

Re: summary: first meeting of haifa linux club

1999-08-21 Thread guy keren
On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, shaul wrote: IMHO members of linux-il will be interested in important messages about the activities of the club (meeting dates and meetings summaries, for example). Can such messagesbe posted here too ? no problem - i'll post such messages here as well (and only such

Announcement - next haifa linux club meeting topics

1999-08-28 Thread guy keren
hi, the next haifa linux club meeting is about to take place this thurthday (2-sep-1999), at the same location as the first meeting (i.e. room 413, computer science faculty, the technion, haifa). the topic for the lecture would be: writing robust programs. we'll discuss common faults in

PS Linux club meeting on 8-sep-99

1999-09-04 Thread guy keren
sorry. someone pointed out i made a mistake about the date. the meeting is on the 8-sep-99 (which is indeed, the coming wednesday). still at 18:00 (6pm), room 413, CS faculty, technion. sorry for the mistake. guy = To

Re: Linux sysadmin course.

1999-09-08 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 7 Sep 1999, Yaron Zabary wrote: Does anyone know of some place which gives advanced Linux sysadmin courses ? i read in the 'drushim' section of maariv that 'hamichlala leminhal' are giving courses in linux - both system administration and "system programming" (their words, not mine).

Re: Learn about SNMP

1999-09-10 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Ben-Nes Michael wrote: Any one know where i can learn how to querry SNMP ? so i can use snmpget ? 1. plug and play - any snmp package contains eample programs. read them in order to have a basic idea of what a MIB is, and then explore the MIB of your router, network

Re: ncurses question

1999-09-18 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 14 Sep 1999, Yoav Ben-Yosef wrote: I'm writing a small app using the ncurses and panel libs. This app has few overlapping windows that have to be on top each in its turn. The problem is that I'm not able to make a window refresh itself as on top once it is below other window. The

Re: Protecting Linux

1999-09-19 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Stanislav Malyshev a.k.a Frodo wrote: Part of it. Better solution would be to use firewalling (ipchains) or even external firwealling (like, router rules), if you are sure you can handle this. If you employ both methods, you are just protected better. for the casual

Re: How to block telnet access.

1999-09-23 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Mike wrote: How can i block access to directories and commands on my server ? using access permissions, groups, etc. i need to give telnet access to some ppl and i do not want to give them full access to the disks and commands. they have only read-only access to

Re: How to block telnet access.

1999-09-26 Thread guy keren
On 26 Sep 1999, Adam Morrison wrote: The point being, again, that you probably can't rewrite you entire system securely. But you can implement and verify a few select services. you'll need to ba a super-programmer to be 100% sure that the code for the services you are running can NOT be

Re: your mail

1999-09-29 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Dan "BUTTER" wrote: Is there a way to debug scripts??? What`s the best way yo debug/compile csh scripts 1. don't use 'csh' to writes scripts if you have a choice. turn to perl/python, or at least to 'sh'. 2. if you still need to write csh scripts, use the 'ecoh'

Re: e-mail client again

1999-09-29 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Shlomo Solomon wrote: Maybe I'm lazy (no flames please), but after using my current OS/2 e-mail client, I don't really want to go back to a command line solution like PROCMAIL. this is not a matter of lazyness, rather a matter of taste. you want the GUI - they want the

Re: Linux-Il maillist.

1999-09-29 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Freddie wrote: members that are using IRC frequently don't you think that a list help channel on the undernet IRC net it might be helpfull? To try to resolve the problems online, on "real chat"? I hope that there are some guys that support my ideea. there are already

Registerng a '' domain (was: Re: backuping methods under linux.)

1999-09-29 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Ron wrote: Should i register the server in ripe aswell if i want to register a domain aswell ? registering any '*.*.il' domains is done using the services of [EMAIL PROTECTED] (look for the domain order form on, and does not required prior

Modem rates (was: Re: Rumors)

1999-10-01 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 30 Sep 1999, Stanislav Malyshev a.k.a Frodo wrote: YE I meant 25 Kilobytes per second, if you mean what you say - then say what you mean (not you, frodo.. but rather yoni). bps = bits per second. Bps = bytes per second. there was alredy a thread about these conventions few month back.

Re: Configuring Linux and Sendmail as a mail relay

1999-10-01 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Nir Simionovich (Rin Solo) wrote: Every mail that will reach the linux, will be forwarded automaticly to the Exchange Server on the inside, the rule willbe defined on the firewall of course. i beg your pardon? what does the firewall rules got to do with forwarding email.

A message to sys-admin wanna-be-s

1999-10-01 Thread guy keren
one plot that i seem to see here rather too often, is some people that work as real system administrators (i.e. admin networks of machines other then their own machne at home) but never bother learning the essential material in an orderly manner. thus, they keep asking questions here, but they

Re: A message to sys-admin wanna-be-s

1999-10-02 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Boaz Rymland wrote: As a Linux sys admin wannabe myself (no underestimation, just being objective) I feel a great need to know the inner working of the O.S. prior to learning how to manage a DNS, NIS, etc' (although they can be learned at the same time). That, IMHO,

p.s.( was: Re: A message to sys-admin wanna-be-s)

1999-10-02 Thread guy keren
ofcourse, i forgot the biblical systems programming books: 1. Advanced programming in the Unix environment (by richard E. stevens). 2. Unix network programming (also by richard e. stevens). guy = To unsubscribe, send mail to

Cancellation of club meeting for thurthday

1999-10-04 Thread guy keren
hi, due to some health problems, and a need to visit a doctor on thurthday, i won't be able to carry out the lecture planned for this week at the haifa linux club. the next lecture will be carried out by orr dunkelman, and this will be done approximately 3 weeks from now. an updated message

Re: What did I do right?

1999-10-05 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Isaac Aaron wrote: What did I do right? Is it not a NIS domain? Did I unknowingly create an NYS or an NIS+ domain? Is the nag too outdated? i'd make a guess that your client machine does NOT use shadow passwords. this way this setup could work, but then your shadow

Re: What did I do right?

1999-10-05 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Isaac Aaron wrote: It's the other way around - ypcat -d mycomain passwd returned 'x' in the password field. you say 'returned' in the past tense. does it mean that now it returns something else? like the actual encrypted password? Network authentification only started

RE: This Week Lecture (fwd)

1999-10-18 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Lior Rotkovitch wrote: do you make these kind of lectures at the center area (Tel Aviv ?) ? maybe you should consider doing it ate the installation parties as a promotion for Linux ? 1. most of these lectures are too technical for an installatin party. 2. we come from

Re: Turbo pascal under dosemu

1999-10-18 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, Andre E. Bar'yudin wrote: I need to run Turbo Pascal 5.5 under dosemu (the one which comes with RH 6.0, I cannot access the machine right now for more accurate info). Is this possible? What are potential problems I can experience? Since I *need* (was required

next lecture: pam module programming

1999-11-01 Thread guy keren
hi, the next haifa linux club lecture will be carried out this thurthday, 4th-nov-1999, at 18:00 in the usual place (room 413, CS faculty, technion, haifa). the lecture will be about programming pam modules. after the lecture will discuss ideas for actual modules to write, and then go home and

Re: dlopen() and daemonizing

1999-11-01 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 1 Nov 1999, Alexander Indenbaum wrote: I have a problem with dlopen(). Calling to dlopen() from regular proccess works just fine, yet if my process daemonized before calling dlopen() it just stucks. use strace on the process to see what system call it performs when getting stuck

SOT: regarding linux-unfriendly ISPs

1999-01-04 Thread guy keren
if netvision is intending to stop supporting linux similar to supporting windows, you don't have to use their services. some other ISPs happily support linux users. note that i'm affiliated with one fo them, so i'm not objective.. guy "For world domination - press 1, or dial 0, and please

Re: life on the edge (summary)

1999-11-08 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, dorit ben shalom wrote: My mail account is two telnets away, and ftp-ing my whole mailbox is simply not practical. how about using 'imap' ? does your mail server support the IMAP protocol? if so, you could try that out. pine has a very good IMAP support. netscape has IMAP

Re: Linuhx vs. MSFT (was Re: Is Linux on the way of getting too complicated? )

1999-11-08 Thread guy keren
On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote: Apache doesn't care about the API for managing graphics display on the screen. IIS on the other hand uses the same API used also for graphics. For example, I'm pretty sure IIS maintains some sort of message loop (I am not sure how much this

Re: life on the edge (summary)

1999-11-08 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Dorit Ben-Shalom wrote: how about using 'imap' ? What's imap? IMAP is a mail protocol that allows a mail client to read email without downloading all the letters, by viewing the headers list, and only downloading a letter as per a user's request. it also allows you to

Re: How to disable password for halting?

1999-11-16 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 15 Nov 1999, Kalaev, Maxim wrote: I have a silly question - How can I causeshutdown to not ask for password when I run it as non-root? a comment, and a solution below: first, i'd advise against doing such a thing. you can always hit ctrl+alt+delete and have your machine

Haifa linux club (Haifux) on 28-Nov

1999-11-25 Thread guy keren
hi, the next Haifa linux club's (dubbed 'Haifux', thanks to '' for suggesting the name) next meeting will be on 28-Nov-1999 (i.e. this SUNDAY) at 18:30 in the evening, the usual fishbach 413 room, CS faculty, technion, haifa. The topic for the meeting will be 'introduction to sockets

Re: Jon Hall's lecture

1999-12-01 Thread guy keren
just FYI, some of us actually decided to 'get off our lazy butts', and set up a (rather small) haifa linux club. it was started out few month back, and carries out a lecture (almost) once every two weeks. so far there were 6 lectures, including one given by informix's representatives in israel.

tommorow's lecture - *might* take passengers

1999-12-02 Thread guy keren
i'll be going to the lecture tommorow from haifa. i'll most likely be able to take 2 (or 3) hitchickers in both directions, from haifa. if anyone needs a ride, please mail me ASAP, or better yet cal me at (04)-8344127 guy = To

of friday's linux meeting

1999-12-04 Thread guy keren
no one wrote out about it, so i'l try that out. it appears that there were about 28 people that came in (including those that came later, and one or two that left in the middle, hopefully just cause they needed to get home before busses stop). the meeting begun a little late, but that was

Re: A hebrew dial-up setup help page

1999-12-04 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, Tzafrir Cohen wrote: I tried writing a simple guide for setting up a modem dial-up connection with linux in Hebrew. [... deleted...] Version 0.1 can be found, at the moment, at: hi, i tried (finally) reading this

RE: Haofa Linux Club - the 12/12 Meeting

1999-12-06 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Nathan Fain wrote: What happened to the two lectures on socket programming? one was given a week ago (the lecture's slide will be on the site soon). the second lecture will probably be given in 3 weeks from now (i.e. on the 26-dec)- an announcement will be sent sometime

Re: PROGRAMMING: C++ ios::failure class - ?

1999-12-07 Thread guy keren
On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Boaz Rymland wrote: Well, I'm playing here with a small program that's using the standard ANSI C++ exception (nested) class - ios::failure (or am I wrong here?). when one wants to use 'standard ANSI C++', one needs to realize that up until now, it looks like _NO_ compiler

Re: A question regarding Solaris courses [OFF TOPIC]

1999-12-09 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Hetz Ben Hamo wrote: I'm looking for a course to learn Solaris administration. So far I found only Interbit teaches... you should remember that interbit is a daughter company of A.M.T , which are sun's representatives in israel (sales-wise). in any event, someone that

RE: Haifa Linux club (Haifux) on 28-Nov

1999-12-09 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Lior Rotkovitch wrote: I'm sorry to disturb you, but I'm so envy at you hafia people . you really promoting the Linux community ! well, not realy. we're a rather small club yet, and not yet involved in promotional activities. the technion instalation parties (which _are_

Re: Using C++ exceptions is not a good idea in general - but why?

1999-12-09 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Shaul Karl wrote: Why do you think that using exceptions is not a good idea in general? because they are evil :) but seriously, i try to use exceptions as little as possible. they tend to cause generation of ugly code, and people tend to over-use them even in cases where

Hebrew in the Internet - working group - invitation to participate (fwd)

1999-12-09 Thread guy keren
in continuation to the (yet another) attempt of isoc-il to push forward hebrew support, the following might be interesting. guy "For world domination - press 1, or dial 0, and please hold, for the creator." -- nob o. dy -- Forwarded message -- Date: Thu, 9 Dec 1999 10:23:41

Re: wrote hebrew general FAQ

1999-12-11 Thread guy keren
hi, i wrote hebrew general FAQ for newbies linux. i tryed answer some of the most asked questions. any feedback would be welcomed. its only the begining i guess so if you have questions/corrections you think i should add please let me know. currently only in word format at least till

P.s. - for sys-admins wanna be

1999-12-13 Thread guy keren
in the end of this meeting, we had some argument with mike, regarding what would constitute a good reason for a company to switch its computing system to linux. my current claim was that when a youngster (school kid, bored/lazy student) wants to play with a computer and networking, they tend to

P.s. - for sys-admins wanna be

1999-12-13 Thread guy keren
in the end of this meeting, we had some argument with mike, regarding what would constitute a good reason for a company to switch its computing system to linux. my current claim was that when a youngster (school kid, bored/lazy student) wants to play with a computer and networking, they tend to

online docs (was: Re: I want to learn Programing for linux can someone help)

1999-12-16 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Neer Friedman wrote: I want to learn how to program in the Linux/Unix environment. I know how to program: c,c++(OO), pascal and all kind of other small stuff. If you can teach please send E-Mail to : [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you want to start straight away with this, you

OT: job offer(s) in kiryat tivon

1999-12-16 Thread guy keren
hi, on different bases then my usual line of thoughts. the (small - ~15 human beings) company i work for is looking for new employees for 2 types of positions - programmers and a part-time admin. one type is for software developers, profficient in C++ and C (perl and java are always a plus).

Re: partition in hebrew

1999-12-18 Thread guy keren
On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Ely Levy wrote: what's wrong with chelek?mechiza is already used for other things:) you'd need to settle for "mechitza" simply because this is the word normally used by hebrew writers. if you will write "chaluka" - no one (except those involved in this argument) would

Re: Masquarading on a dialup connection

1999-12-22 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Ely Levy wrote: I'm almost sure and dont' kill me if I'm wrong that ssh works above the telnet protocol and not replacing it.. ely, i don't know where you bring these odd claims from, but: 1. ssh does not sit on top of telnet. it sits on top of tcp. 2. ftp also does not

Re: regarding cross-forwarding (was: Re: Vulnerability in certain WU-FTP (versions up till 2.6.0)configurations(fwd))

1999-12-22 Thread guy keren
On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Ely Levy wrote: what's the diffrent between sending the e-mail or the url? it's stil takes one letter and it wasn't that long to be slow or anything it shows that you give some respect to other people's wishes. also, i don't remember that people ever complained about

Re: SAMBA or NFS ?

1999-12-24 Thread guy keren
Hi, i wonder, maybe you can help me. I have 3 networks 20 computers each this days we are finishing connect them all to one network. there is need for server that will provide File services that will be shared for all computers (60 computers) and connected to the internet so people will be

Re: Few RH 6.1 Issues

1999-12-24 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, Y. Benado wrote: 1) I just installed my RH 6.1 and for some reason it wont nslookup localhost. /etc/hosts has " localhost.localdomain localhost" it will use the dns server as localhost.localdomain with ip ar the quotation marks part of the file's

Re: [OT] NT as a second language for native UNIX speakers

1999-12-26 Thread guy keren
On 26 Dec 1999, Oleg Goldshmidt wrote: I need a source - probably a book - that would kickstart me on NT administration quickly and serve as a reference. Orr'eily has some books about NT administration, which are rather new. one is called 'NT system administration' (or something similar) -

Re: Y2K perl snag!

2000-01-02 Thread guy keren
On Sun, 2 Jan 2000, Ira Abramov wrote: ($sec,$min,$hour,$mday,$month,$year) = localtime(time); print $year."\n"; you get: 100! in perl 4 (v4.036), there used to be a librarry function named 'timelocal', which makes the reverse translation (i.e. from year+month+day+hour+minute+second into

Re: is there newsgroup for linux-il ?

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Ely Levy wrote: You probebly mean a program that download only the e-mail's header.. I think mutt / pine can do that but you'l need to check thier configution to be sure... in order to only download the mail heders, one MUST use a protocol that supports that (e.g.

[ace-users] Red Flag Linux (fwd)

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
-- Forwarded message -- . . "Hoping to further cultivate indigenous software development, China has announced it will ban the use of Microsoft Windows 2000 throughout government, and instead rely on "Red Flag - Linux,'' a platform developed by Chinese researchers."

RE: [ace-users] Red Flag Linux (fwd)

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
-- Forwarded message -- . . The CNN version of this story is

Re: I need to use RW-LOCKS in linux, what to #include ?

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Kalaev, Maxim wrote: I need to use rwlocks in my program, I discovered what I have phtread_rwlock(s) defined in the file phreads.h, but it's included only when I have __USE_UNIX98 defined. To define __USE_UNIX98 I must define some _X... variable to 500, before the

Re: POP mail security

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
Subba Rao wrote: All my users use fetchmail to get mail from my ISP's POP server. For lack of resources, I cannot put a pop server on my box. now, something here just does not make sense. when you say 'lack of resource' - what exactly do you mean? system administration resources? or

Re: is there newsgroup for linux-il ?

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, Ely Levy wrote: as far as I know pop3 support it as well.. an not sure how much of the header it gives you if only the subject from/time or all of it.. just out of curiousity, i went to read the RFC, and they describe the 'TOP' command (which gives the full headers plus

Re: Apache web server alias link...

2000-01-06 Thread guy keren
On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Ronen Engler wrote: Maybe someone can help me, i need to forward the to can someone just tell me where? in the docs, ronen. in the docs. did you try reading about apache's 'Redirect' option? i can see few options here: 1. you didn't

Re: IGLU@eGroups (was: is there newsgroup for linux-il ?)

2000-01-08 Thread guy keren
just some comments about various people's concerns: 1. never say "there are plenty people here that can implement..". this never led us anywhere. you think it can be done? do it and ell us when you have it ready. you have the right to talk about it, but realize that you won't get it

Re: hebrew-step - logical to broken visual

2000-01-11 Thread guy keren
On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Stanislav Malyshev a.k.a Frodo wrote: gk it is possible to get readable results even if there exists no gk logical-to-visual translation algorithm, by using various heouritics. Why there isn't? There exists pretty good official Unicode BiDi rendering algorithm. is

Re: How to restrict users from serfing around my server via FTP.

2000-01-13 Thread guy keren
On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Mike wrote: BUT !, the configuration can work in GOOD way only on little amount of users. this is becouse you need to copy the etc,lib and bin directories from the anonftp root to each and evry user. i tried to use symbolic links but as i can recall it didn't work.

it's ''

2000-01-16 Thread guy keren
someone _hmm hmm_ made a mistake. just connect to irc server at '' (port 6667 seems to work, possibly others as well). _few_ people are there. no ira so far guy "For world domination - press 1, or dial 0, and please hold, for the creator." -- nob o. dy

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