Re: [PATCH] NFS: report more appropriate block size for directories.

2015-05-08 Thread Scott Mayhew
On Fri, 08 May 2015, NeilBrown wrote: In glibc 2.21 (and several previous), a call to opendir() will result in a 32K (BUFSIZ*4) buffer being allocated and passed to getdents. However a call to fdopendir() results in an 'fstat' request to determine block size and a matching buffer

Re: [RFC PATCH 0/2] race of lockd/nfsd inetaddr notifiers with pointers change

2017-10-31 Thread Scott Mayhew
panic (it seems to reproduce more quickly with the rpcdebug printk's enabled). I've been running the same reproducer with your patches for the past day and haven't seen the panic. Tested-by: Scott Mayhew <> > > NB: during my experiments I've found "list_add do