Re: [linux-dvb] Is there somobody dealing with DVB cards here ?!?

2009-12-13 Thread dvblinux
I first have to learn what is and how to create a patch since I only used my vi to modify the source of the driver and then recompiled it... Thanks for the answers. Regards. Le dimanche 13 décembre 2009 à 10:59 -0800, VDR User a écrit : On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 10:39 AM, dvblinux dvbli

Re: New ASUS P3-100 DVB-T/DVB-S device (1043:48cd)

2009-12-13 Thread dvblinux
The complete name of the board is: ASUS My Cinema PS3-100/PTS/FM/AV/RC ouch :-) You're right: It features the same features than the ASUS My Cinema P7131 Hybrid that is: S-Video in, Composite and audio in with a special splitter cord, an FM tuner and IR remote control. All connectors are the

[linux-dvb] Is there somobody dealing with DVB cards here ?!?

2009-12-12 Thread dvblinux
Hi all. I kindly asked a question yesterday, no answer at all, of any kind... Is there somebody dealing with DVB-T/DVB-S cards here ?!? Regards. -- To unsubscribe from this list: send the line unsubscribe linux-media in the body of a message to More

New ASUS P3-100 DVB-T/DVB-S device (1043:48cd)

2009-12-11 Thread dvblinux
Hi all, I'm new on this list. I modified on my own the SAA driver to manage an ASUS PS3-100 combo card not supported yet in current version. It features two DVB-S and DVB-T receivers packed on the same PCI card. The DVB-T part is identical to ASUS P7131 Hybrid and therefore is managed thru the