Re: Fw: [linux-dvb] DSM-CC question

2010-09-15 Thread Peter Evertz
Or take a look at mhp or dsmcc plugins for vdr. Both not activ projects, but both have a dsmcc implementation. Are you working on a hbbtv solution ? Simon Liddicott schrieb: Have you had a look at the code for redbutton? Si On 14 September 2010 21:32,

mantis based cards and transponder 11303 on 19.2E

2009-12-04 Thread Peter Evertz
Hi ! After a change on Transponder 11303 on Astra 19.2 (adding of ORF HD) it is not longer possible to get a lock with mantis based cards. Users on vdrportal have reported that other cards do not have problems. All TT S2 3200 users ( like myself) are not able to get a lock on that