Re: The SX4 challenge

2008-01-16 Thread Mark Lord
Jeff Garzik wrote: .. Thus, the SX4 challenge is a challenge to developers to figure out the most optimal configuration for this hardware, given the existing MD and DM work going on. .. This sort of RAID optimization hardware is not unique to the SX4, so hopefully we can work out a way to

Re: Linux Software RAID is really RAID?

2007-07-03 Thread Mark Lord
Johny Mail list wrote: 2007/7/3, Tejun Heo [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Brad Campbell wrote: Johny Mail list wrote: Hello list, I have a little question about software RAID on Linux. I have installed Software Raid on all my SC1425 servers DELL by believing that the md raid was a strong driver. And

Re: limits on raid

2007-06-21 Thread Mark Lord
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Thu, 21 Jun 2007, David Chinner wrote: On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 12:56:44PM +1000, Neil Brown wrote: I have that - apparently naive - idea that drives use strong checksum, and will never return bad data, only good data or an error. If this isn't right, then it

Re: libata hotplug and md raid?

2006-10-16 Thread Mark Lord
should change, should those changes be in the MD layer? Or can this *really* all be done nicely from userspace? How? I've got to fix some problems related to this, for a couple of clients, and would like to Do It Right, or as close to Right as reality permits. Cheers -- Mark Lord Real-Time Remedies

Re: Linux: Why software RAID?

2006-08-24 Thread Mark Lord
Adam Kropelin wrote: On Thu, Aug 24, 2006 at 02:20:50PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote: Generally speaking the channels on onboard ATA are independant with any vaguely modern card. Ahh, I did not know that. Does this apply to master/slave connections on the same PATA cable as well? No, it doesn't.