Re: [pfSense] OpenVPN and TOTP?

2015-10-12 Thread Olivier Mascia
> Le 6 oct. 2015 à 01:09, Jon Gerdes a écrit : > > OVPN can use RADIUS. So now you need to research wiring TOTP up to > RADIUS but that will be a lot easier because there will be lots of > vendors with pre cast offerings and no doubt a slew of free software > alternatives.

[pfSense] Dhcpd and the "deny unknown clients" option

2015-10-12 Thread Nenhum_de_Nos
Hi, I would like to make this active on just one lan segment, but clients keep getting addresses from dhcpd. Is there a way for this to work, am I doing it wrong ? :) thanks, BTW, this is pfsense 2.1.5 amd64. thanks, matheus -- "We will call you Cygnus, the God of balance you shall be."

Re: [pfSense] Access control

2015-10-12 Thread John Johnstone
On 10/4/15 9:56 AM, Brian Caouette wrote: Using captive portal and free radius package. Is there a way to block a user name from a specific device? User has access to any device while logged in but can't login if on device b? Trying to limit kids internet which works but their sneaky and use

[pfSense] pfSense IP stack crashing.

2015-10-12 Thread Bryant Zimmerman
I have two routers in an CARP stack. The primary yesterday started crashing it's IP stack. Things run for a bit of time and then all IP's become unresponsive. The secondary pfSense box takes over the VIP's and things keep running. Now for some reason the 1st box will reboot some times. Other

[pfSense] Problem with a second pfSense in LAN

2015-10-12 Thread Lorenzo Milesi
hi. My office pfsense happily works with an IPv6 tunnel since months. right now I'm preparing a new server in my lab, and it's running pfSense 2.2.4. I don't have IPv6 enabled on this new box, nor DHCP of any kind (relay/server), nevertheless when it's running my client DHCPv6 gets crazy and

[pfSense] PFS 2.1.5 (i386) SARG-Package install (failed checksum)

2015-10-12 Thread Mathias Riegger
Hi All, I'm currently installing a new PFS V.2.1.5 (i386) - Is the SARG-Package corrupt ? On anoter installation (before 3-4 weeks) all were fine How can I fix this Problem - any workarounds available? Install-Log Beginning package installation for Sarg .

Re: [pfSense] OpenVPN and TOTP?

2015-10-12 Thread Nikos Zaharioudakis
To my knowledge OpenVPN comes with LDAP support. Check on Their recent editions provide one time passwords that can be produced with a FreeOTP mobile app. Hope this solves your issue. Nikos 3 Zaharioudakis Nikos,

Re: [pfSense] Access control

2015-10-12 Thread John Johnstone
Forgot to send to the list. - John J. Original message: From: John Johnstone Date: October 12, 2015 at 4:04:22 PM EDT To: Brian Caouette Subject: Re: [pfSense] Access control > On 10/12/2015 3:51 PM, Brian Caouette wrote: > So a