Re: [pfSense] Firewall rules on OpenVPN interface

2018-05-07 Thread Steve Yates
What is the purpose of the VPN? For instance if you are only accessing one remote network you could set up a rule to allow only the remote subnet. Blocking private subnets would block 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, etc. Blocking bogons blocks unassigned IP ranges that shouldn't have traffic

Re: [pfSense] DNS configurazione under VPN

2018-05-07 Thread Stephane Bouvard
Hi, Try this : - Create a gateway group (System / Routing / Gateway Groups) with VPN Gateway as Tier 1 and WAN Gateway as Tier 2 - Use this gateway group as outgoing gateway (in my config, i use a LAN Firewall rule with the created gateway group, and i use LAN as outgoing interface for my