Re: [pfSense] VIPs : CARP vs IP Alias

2015-03-09 Thread Matthias May
On 09/03/15 11:23, Brian Candler wrote: On 09/03/2015 10:10, Bryan D. wrote: Nope, it's a fully functioning setup (has been, in this form, for a few years) ... just wanted to switch off CARP VIPs since I'm not using failover. The only question is why won't IP Alias VIPs replace the CARP

Re: [pfSense] Difference between APU4 and APU1C4

2014-07-27 Thread Matthias May
Am 27.07.2014 18:32, schrieb Kenward Vaughan: On 07/22/2014 02:19 PM, Rainer Duffner wrote: Am 22.07.2014 um 21:29 schrieb Nickolai Leschov The difference is not $200, but about $100 with 8GB Sandisk Extreme Secure [sic!] SDHC card included. ...

Re: [pfSense] Difference between APU4 and APU1C4

2014-07-27 Thread Matthias May
Am 27.07.2014 20:20, schrieb Chris Bagnall: On 27/7/14 7:06 pm, Matthias May wrote: With intel cards on the same board you can get up to 650 Mbit/s, but i expect it to be lower with additional rules. Have you tried it with Intel cards (I assume you're talking mPCIe cards?) - and if so, what

Re: [pfSense] Trouble logging into Forum Account, Any admins able to help?

2014-07-16 Thread Matthias May What is your username? Best regards Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] Status of pfSense 2.2 regarding 802.11n

2014-05-16 Thread Matthias May
On 16/05/14 00:36, Victor Padro wrote: On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 3:29 PM, Matthias May wrote: Am 15.05.2014 20:49, schrieb Jim Pingle: On 5/15/2014 1:03 PM, wrote: I wanted to know what

Re: [pfSense] Status of pfSense 2.2 regarding 802.11n

2014-05-15 Thread Matthias May
Am 15.05.2014 20:49, schrieb Jim Pingle: On 5/15/2014 1:03 PM, wrote: I wanted to know what was the status of 2.2 regarding WLAN (802.11 n) support / implementation ? I am mainly interested in Atheros driver support since most of our HW is based on this chipset. The drivers

Re: [pfSense] My son is able to bypass my captivate portal

2014-05-11 Thread Matthias May
Am 11.05.2014 21:48, schrieb Stefan Baur: Am 11.05.2014 21:28, schrieb Ryan Coleman: The simple solution is to block all outbound DNS at the firewall, but this can also break things (like some Google and Apple devices). Even broken devices usually have a fallback mode, but be careful of what

Re: [pfSense] Blast from the past: pfSense 1.2 / ALIX / VLANs

2014-03-24 Thread Matthias May
Am 24.03.2014 14:18, schrieb Chris Bagnall: Greetings list, I appreciate this is something of a blast from the past, but I'm hoping some of you will still have 1.2 systems in use and might be able to shed some light on this. Recently, one of our clients sublet part of their building to

Re: [pfSense] Fwd: Firewall Log

2014-03-19 Thread Matthias May
On 19/03/14 13:46, Moshe Katz wrote: On Mar 19, 2014 7:59 AM, Brian Caouette wrote: Original Message Subject: Firewall Log Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 12:48:33 -0400 From: Brian Caouette

Re: [pfSense] VPN group restrictions

2014-02-14 Thread Matthias May
On 14/02/14 11:53, Chuck Mariotti wrote: OpenVPN allows you to push routes to the client side... not sure if those routes can be bypassed (it other words, if it's just a rule sent to the client only, or if the firewall actually enforces that rule as well). I'm not sure about the grouping

Re: [pfSense] is it possible to rename gateways in 2.1 release AMD64?

2014-01-07 Thread Matthias May
Not sure i follow. What is not working with: Click on the System -- Routing -- Gateways on the e button next to the gateway you want to change the name of. Set the name you want in the Name field. Regards Matthias May ___ List mailing list List

Re: [pfSense] Exclude an ip address from a phase 2 entry

2013-11-08 Thread Matthias May
On 08/11/13 15:52, Dan wrote: Hi, I have a really annoying problem that I am trying to resolve. Assume the following subnets. Site A Internal: Site B Internal: Site B DMZ: x.y.z.0/24 ( Where this is a valid public subnet). I have an ipsec vpn setup. The first

Re: [pfSense] Hardware requirements for gigabit wirespead

2013-10-25 Thread Matthias May
Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] Hardware requirements for gigabit wirespead

2013-10-25 Thread Matthias May
would be an AP with detachable antennas and then connect your own. Regards Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] Pfsense Firewall complete halt

2013-10-08 Thread Matthias May
Am 06.10.2013 15:35, schrieb kol: Since upgrading from 2.1RC1 to 2.1-Release I have been experiencing intermittent forwarding halts, I also noticed access the web gui is also halted, I'm however able to access the FW via SSH and console, restarting webconfigurator doesn't solve the problem,

Re: [pfSense] Strange Block on LAN interface

2013-09-13 Thread Matthias May
On 12/09/13 01:23, Kevin Tollison wrote: I am getting an odd behavior on 2.1RC2 . Hopefully I have just missed something. My site is setup as follows PfSense - Site 1 - Adtran router - PPPT1 ---Site2 Adtran Router

Re: [pfSense] pfSense and Cable Modem Throughput

2013-09-13 Thread Matthias May
On 13/09/13 01:07, Ernst den Broeder wrote: On 2013-09-12, at 3:34 PM, Adam Piasecki wrote: It sounds like my issue, i'll have to get the cable provider to change the settings as they won't allow me access into the modem. This is a Motorola SB6580G in bridge mode.

Re: [pfSense] Hosts in LAN can't see each other

2013-05-13 Thread Matthias May
On 12/05/13 18:05, Marco wrote: Hi, as described in another post a few days ago, my setup is as follows: ethernet - WAN WLAN - LAN OPT1 - bridge(WAN,LAN) The firewall is switched off and communication from LAN to WAN works flawlessly. But the hosts in the LAN (wireless) can't see each

Re: [pfSense] help

2013-04-24 Thread Matthias May
On 24/04/13 03:17, Vick Khera wrote: On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 5:46 AM, eyobe kebede wrote: but is the WAN ip and is default gate way Given that is your WAN IP, and the netmask they gave you is

Re: [pfSense] help

2013-04-24 Thread Matthias May
On 24/04/13 16:36, eyobe kebede wrote: we are using dSL and let me give you some information. we were using IP address give by the ISP and for some reason we have purchased public ip where technicians from the ISP do not give us how to use the IP addresses and it

Re: [pfSense] Openvpn site to site problem

2012-12-21 Thread Matthias May
On 21.12.2012 05:27, Nishant Sharma wrote: On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 6:58 PM, Cristian Del Carlo wrote: In lan e openvpn i have only one rule that pass everything. This problem make me crazy Have you configured the server for pushing the routes to client and

Re: [pfSense] CARP Questions on pfSense 2.x

2012-12-04 Thread Matthias May
up 2 separate tunnels (one on each WAN) and create an internal loadbalancer/failover pool for the other side via the two gateways of the openVPN tunnels. Greetings Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] SSH error

2012-08-28 Thread Matthias May
help anybody Thanks ___ List mailing list This could also mean that the state-table is full. Try to increase it and see if it helps. Greetings Matthias May

Re: [pfSense] Odd CARP Question

2012-06-28 Thread Matthias May
this is why. Greetings Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] Ping through two bridged interfaces not working

2012-06-14 Thread Matthias May
. Greetings Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] Rule processing optimization - states

2012-05-23 Thread Matthias May
Am 23.05.2012 um 15:25 schrieb Ugo Bellavance On 2012-05-22 15:44, Vick Khera wrote: On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 2:37 PM, Ugo wrote: I would like to make sure my rules in the best order. I understand that the rules are processed from top to bottom, so I

Re: [pfSense] pf vrs mono?

2012-05-01 Thread Matthias May
and OPT1. Remove the OPT1 (or move to a different subnet) and it will probably start working. Greetings Matthias May ___ List mailing list

Re: [pfSense] Block Rule doesnt work

2012-01-24 Thread Matthias May
considered. Meaning if you have an allow rule above your block rule, the allow rule will always catch. Put your block rules all the way to the top. If that doesn't help, send a screenshot of your rules. (Overview, not the configuration of the rule itself). Greetings Matthias May