[pfSense] IPSec tunnel not deleted

2014-02-26 Thread Felipe Izaguirre
before? Sorry if this is old in this email list, but I search in everywhere and I didn't find nothing about this. Thanks! -- *Felipe Izaguirre http://www.ecoreinternational.com* ___ List mailing list List@lists.pfsense.org http://lists.pfsense.org/mailman

[pfSense] Trafic Shaping Queue Status not working

2014-11-01 Thread Felipe Izaguirre
is the problem with that? Felipe Izaguirre Support Analyst e-Core Desenvolvimento de Software Tel: +55 (51) 3022-9190 www.ecore.com.br NY Office: e-Core IT Solutions Phone: +1 (914) 682-2009 www.ecoreinternational.com ___ List mailing list List@lists.pfsense.org