Re: [pfSense] pfSense 2.0 - Filtering traffic on OpenVPN

2011-10-12 Thread Vassilis V.
Hi Tim! I havent been using pfsense for very long, but under Firewall-Rules you should have a tab OpenVPN. Try putting there some rules, it works for me. Setting up an extra interface used to be done in older pfsense version, no idea if its still valid. Maybe someone more experienced can give

Re: [pfSense] pfSense 2.0 - Filtering traffic on OpenVPN

2011-10-12 Thread Vassilis V.
Jim Pingle wrote on 12.10.2011 23:55: In 2.0 each interface is renamed in a unique way so you do not need dev tun or any similar entries in the options. You can assign the interfaces if you want (set an IP type of 'none' on them) and filter individually if you want, too. I run with two of

Re: [pfSense] pfSense 2.0 - Filtering traffic on OpenVPN

2011-10-13 Thread Vassilis V.
Most of the times I have had trouble with the routing and not with the firewall rules. Check if the client has the correct gateway set for the LAN subnet and check if the push route is added correctly. A traceroute from the client can help you see if the packets are being send through the VPN

Re: [pfSense] Forwarding an external port according to user

2011-10-24 Thread Vassilis V.
David Brown wrote on 10/24/2011 02:34 PM: Using a VPN is certainly a possibility - our road warriors who use a laptop as a main computer use a VPN (OpenVPN), and I use a VPN from my home machine regularly to access everything in the network here. Where VPNs are the right solution, they are

Re: [pfSense] Double WAN with same GW

2012-07-09 Thread Vassilis V.
Hi! The only difference to having different GW for each WAN is that with the same GW you need to specify a differnet monitor IP for one of the WAN interfaces. The rest of the configuration stays the same. Choose your monitor IP carefully though, if that IP ever stops responding or has a bad

[pfSense] arp: unknown hardware address format (0x0103)

2012-08-03 Thread Vassilis V.
Hello! I have been seeing the following message in my system log, being repeated every 20-30 seconds: kernel: arp: unknown hardware address format (0x0103) The NIC with those errors has some wireless AP's connected to it. After some searching I couldnt find any definite answer about the message,

Re: [pfSense] Bandwidth limiter

2012-11-05 Thread Vassilis V.
Jeremy Martijn wrote on 05.11.2012 12:42: Good morning, I have a question regarding the bandwidth limiter on pfsense. Im going to describe the current situation and what I have done so far. I want to limit every user on the network to a 20Mbit/s down/10Mbit/s upload speed

Re: [pfSense] Openvpn site to site problem

2012-12-19 Thread Vassilis V.
Hi! Try this: pfsense2 - server: Tunnel network: (no need for /24 on site2site) pfsense1 - client: Tunnel network: (You can even keep it empty) Keeping or removing the remote network on the client side shouldn't be important, the difference being that if you keep it,

Re: [pfSense] States Issue with Asterisk behind pfSense

2014-09-26 Thread Vassilis V.
Hannes Werner wrote on 26.09.2014 16:51: thank you very much Giles, but unfortunately it doesn't help. anyone here who is using asterisk behind pfSense on a dynamic IP WAN successfully? Hello Hannes! I have also used asterisk behind a dynamic PPPoE WAN. I had the exact same issues that

Re: [pfSense] Limit bandwith pr user / ip

2014-11-02 Thread Vassilis V.
Thank you Chris! Since I am interested in this too, are there any tricks when you want to do the same but you have a multi-WAN setup, or ,probably even worse, a multi-WAN setup with different WAN bandwidth? Thank you all! Vassilis ___ List mailing