Re: [lldb-dev] [RFC]The future of pexpect

2019-01-30 Thread Alex Langford via lldb-dev
+1 Thanks for bringing this up. I'd like to see this happen! - Alex On 1/30/19, 5:33 PM, "lldb-dev on behalf of Davide Italiano via lldb-dev" wrote: As you probably know (I didn’t), lldb embeds its own version of `pexpect-2.4`, which doesn’t support python3. This is the

Re: [lldb-dev] [CMake] LLDB framework / shared library

2018-11-09 Thread Alex Langford via lldb-dev
cc lldb-dev since the original message cc'd it. On 11/9/18, 12:31 PM, "Alex Langford" wrote: Hi Stefan, Thanks for taking the time to improve LLDB's CMake infrastructure! (1) I don't entirely remember the reason I had separated them out into separate targets. A

[lldb-dev] Patch to fix a segfault while printing in LLDB

2017-04-25 Thread Alex Langford via lldb-dev
Hello, I probably should have sent this email before trying to work on this and before submitting a diff, but better late than never. Recently I encountered a segfault while using LLDB. I tracked down the issue in source/Host/common/Editline.cpp, and have uploaded a diff with what I believe