Re: log4cxxl compile fails

2008-09-25 Thread Markus Kappeler
Hi C:\apr-util\dbd\apr_dbd_odbc.c(134) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier 'SQLLEN' Are you using the correct apr and apr-util version (I use 1.2.12). As far as I can remember with the newest version of apr-util you get this error. Best regards, Markus Kappeler

RE: log4cxxl compile fails

2008-09-25 Thread Winans, Don (Mission Systems)
I'm using and I added 'typedef INT32 SQLLEN' to the file and then it compiled okay. I don't understand why I had to add it. Thanks! -Original Message- From: Markus Kappeler [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, September 25,

RE: File system full causes log4cxx to crash

2008-09-25 Thread Peter Steele
Probably a limit you can configure with your shell. In bash it's ulimit -c unlimited to get full core dumps and ulimit -a to see the settings (0 bytes by default on my shell.) It and gdb might not be helpful anyway if your log4cxx library is stripped of debugging symbols. If you do pursue getting