Multiple Renderers per object?

2002-07-17 Thread Bill Milbratz
Hi, How, using log4j 1.2.5, can I have multiple renderers per object--i.e. with different renderers called by different appenders? i.e. one for xml and one for 'plain text'? i.e. one logging event would render the same object to two different appenders differently... thanks, bill milbratz

RE: how to append to different output files on the fly

2002-07-22 Thread Bill Milbratz
Download the log4j at and follow Raghu's instructions Two things: 1) The above link doesn't work for 1.2.3. I have 1.2.5. Does your above comment hold true for 1.2.5? 2) I searched the 1.2.5 docs and src for [Rr]aghu and

RE: Final conclusion on how to use Log4J in JBoss

2002-07-23 Thread Bill Milbratz
We use Log4j in jboss without any incident--until recently. we just copy our into our conf directory: c:/projects/devtools/JBoss-2.4.6_Tomcat-4.0.3/jboss/conf/our-app The problem arose (see my post from yesterday) when I attempted to use a custom renderer. Since Jboss