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2001-05-26 Thread Dave Cross

At 14:31 25/05/2001, Leon Brocard wrote:
Leon Brocard sent the following bits through the ether:

  there is also an unofficial technical meet for practicing TPC talks
  on Saturday from noon at state51:

Just to confirm, this is still on. state51 is at 8-10 rhoda street,
london e2 7ef:

See you there, Leon

It seems I have Important Stuff To Do and therefore won't be there.

Have fun.



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Re: FMD (was Re: List Weekly Summary 2001-05-21)

2001-05-26 Thread Will Jessop

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From: Paul Mison [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Subject: Re: FMD (was Re: List Weekly Summary 2001-05-21)

 So a program of vaccination and slaughter to erradicate the disease will
 firstly benefit the tourist industry and then also the meat market.  Not
 that I am a big fan of farmers or the countryside alliance types (and
 is being generous) but I think it would be the best solution all
 round.  Ooo

 No, because the sheer amount of fuss made over FM clobbered the
 tourist industry- possibly for years, although this is admittely
 anecdotal and predictive- whereas if we'd quietly vaccinated, accepted
 no meat exports for a year

Or until there were no vaccinated or infected animals left in the UK,
whichever came later.

...and then let the farming industry get back
 on its feet, we'd not have had to kill *three million* animals, and
 poison water, and close footpaths, and the tourist industry wouldn't
 have suffered the way it has over the last couple of months. So, why
 insist on the 'slaughter' bit?

Good idea, maybe a polite memo should have been sent to the all the tabloids
asking them to keep quiet about it :-)

Re: Decisions decisions

2001-05-26 Thread Dave Cross

At 17:57 25/05/2001, David Cantrell wrote:

/me falls off the edge

fxaaa ... SPLAT/fx

He's fallen in the water.


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Re: Tie::Hash::Regex vs Tie::RegexpHash

2001-05-26 Thread Marcel Grunauer

On Friday, May 25, 2001, at 03:18  PM, Cross David - dcross wrote:

 It's all very clever, but I'm not convinced how useful it is.

Since when has that ever stopped us?


$ perl -we time
Useless use of time in void context at -e line 1.

Re: more PDP-11s to rescue

2001-05-26 Thread David Cantrell

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 02:42:38PM -0400, Chris Devers wrote:
 At 11:07 AM 2001.05.25 +0100, Dave Cantrell wrote:
 Matthew Dell [snip] Austin, TX
 Any relation to that Mr Dell, of Austin, TX?

Somewhat unlikely.  Matthew is in England, it's Bill Bradford (him whose
message I forwarded) that's in TX.

IIRC, Bill has a couple of Vaxen he wants to get rid of to free up some
space if that's the sort of thing that floats your boat.

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